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 youtube,: youtube is a platform where anyone can upload any information in terms of video, and people also search much information on youtube. and learn   Facebook: facebook is a social media platform .where people meet new friends and old ones also, and talk without any charge in the form of msg and video calling.   google,: google is the world's most popular search engine. anyone can search for anything on google .   gmail,   Gmail is a platform provided by Google. here anyone can create an account and he/she can send any information directly to anyone who has a Gmail account.  amazon, Amazon is a online shopping platform where you can buy anything with the help of your smartphone and computer and particular goods or thing reached your doorstep or given address.  yahoo , . Yahoo is also a search engine before 10 year it was very popular and people also use yahoo in past just like google today .  yahoo mail, yahoo mail also like email . Gmail is provided by Google and yahoo mail