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 NEWS : 1. Telegram users can now send crypto payments to each other 2. TRADING VOLUME OF CRYPTO ON THE INDIAN EXCHANGE IS NOW 55% AS COMPARED TO THE PAST 3. COINBASE CEOS SAYS THE RBI AND NPCI (UPI ) SYSTEM NOT FOLLOWING THE ORDER OF THE SUPREME COURT. 4. 80 % OF NEW CRYPTO USERS ARE IN LOSS FROM LAST ONE YEAR  5. 4400000 TOTAL PEOPLE INVESTED  IN CRYPTOCURRENCY FROM SPAIN. ONLY 5.3 DISCLOSING INCOME TAX FROM CRYPTO  6.  CENTRAL  AFRICAN REPUBLIC BITCOIN REGULATE AS A LEGAL TENDER. 7. Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman said that India is ready to pursue all technologies and innovations related to blockchain. But, the decision on the regulation of Cryptocurrency will be taken keeping all these things in mind. 8. INDIAN USERS EARN 14000 CRO RE RUPEES FROM CRYPTO, AND AFTER THAT INDIANS ARE ON NO.21  ACCORDING TO A REPORT TOTAL EARNINGS IN 2021 FROM CRYPTO IS 12 LAC CRORE समाचार : 1. टेलीग्राम उपयोगकर्ता अब एक दूसरे को क्रिप्टो भुगतान भेज सकते हैं 2. भारतीय एक्सचेंज पर क्रिप्टो का ट्रेड