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Topic chatgpt , uses of chatgpt , features-capabilities-technology of chatgpt -how can use chat cgt. usecase of chatgpt

 Today we are discussing about most important and trending topic ie chatgpt. yes today everyone wants to know about chatgpt , wants to know how to use chatgpt , capabilities of chat gpt , and some question . A very first we will discuss about the question which people are searching for chatgpt.  1 . what is chatgpt ? 2. what is the capabilities and feauters of chatgpt ?  3. How to use chatgpt ? 4. Technology behind chatgpt or how chatgpt work ? 5. can chatgpt work  with diffrent language ? 6. Where can i use chatgpt ? 7. is chatgpt useful for students ? and many more question click in mind for chatgpt.  so lets begin.. Chatgpt : Chatgpt is a AI based software and advance than google .  The word GPT means Generative Pre-trained Transformer. This is the full form of GPT . Chat word is using because this software design like a one to one chat . Same like as a human , like you are chat with your friend and he is sending you answer. Same thing you can do with chat gpt . Its a software which