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What is electric car | What is Electric Car?

 What is electric car | What is Electric Car? Introduction | Introduction of electric car Table of Contents Introduction | Introduction of electric car History | History of electric car How does an electric car work? How electric car works? Main parts of electric car | Components of electric car Advantages of electric car | Advantage of electric car Drawbacks of electric vehicles | Limitation of electric car higher price | High Price Longer Charging Time | Time of charging  Lack of charging station | Lack of charging stations lack of choice | Lower amount of choices Status of Electric Cars in India | Position of electric car in India Does an electric car have an engine? Which battery is used in electric car? What is the mileage of an electric car?   There is no doubt if the most revolutionary invention of human history is called electricity. Humans have been continuously making new inventions for their convenience, in the same sequence, humans invented the electric car. These cars run

Seo , Advance SEO settings | How to do Advance SEO Settings of Blogger ?

 How to do Advance SEO Setting of Blogger!  How to do Advance SEO Setting of Blogger! Blog ki seo setting kaise kare : How to do Advance SEO Setting of Blogger: Friends, today we will learn in this article that Seo Setting for Blogger, Blogger has many Seo Techniques. Due to which the blog comes quickly in the search results. That's why it is very important for us to do SEO setting of Blogger. With Blogger's SEO setting, Google's Google algorithm can understand our blog about what topic our blog is about. If you also want to learn Blogger's Advance Seo Settings for Blogger, then read the article completely. In the article, you will be told about Seo Techniques related to advance seo settings for blogger. With which you can rank your blog and then Blog Posts in search results. There are two parts of SEO, On Page SEO, Off Page SEO, but in addition there are such Advance Seo Settings in Blogger. With which we can improve the SEO score of our website. For complete informati

GOOGLE | How to Put Google Adsence Verification Code on WordPress Blog ?

How to put Google Adsence verification code on WordPress blog: Today in this article we will learn how to put Google Adsence verification code on your WordPress blog. We setup our blog well on WordPress. Customize the theme well. On the website, necessary pages like Contact Us, About Us, Disclaimer, Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions are created. And if there is a lot of traffic on your blog, then now it is your turn. To monetize your blog, Google Adsense is the best and best way to monetize your blog. Many people do not know the coding of Html. Because of this, they get very upset that how to put Google Adsense verification code in your ball price WordPress website. If you are also one of those people who are facing this problem. So the answer to your question will be found in this article. Read one in full to get the details. Google Adsense verification code kya Hota hai When we want to run Google Adsense Ads on our blog, for that we have to create our account by Sing-Up on Google