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Crpto Market Crash , The dark side of crypto market , bitcoin price prediction

 Hello Friends, today we are discussing all phases of crypto market, there are many people who are discussing about cryptocurrency because this time crypto is going down down and down and all the crypto Currency including bitcoin crashing again and again . In this situation, new investors, as well as some old investors also going panic and some market news ,youtube cahnnel , news paper, also create panic news that's why people bearing loss . But if you follow some tips for your Investment in the crypto market then you will never bear loss and chances of profit will be maximum. 1. Become A Investor not traders : A very first Strategy for any type of investment is giving time to your investment . what happens Sometimes people are new in market and they are trying to trade without understanding the market and finally, they bear loss from crypto market . Crypto market is very volatile now . so be careful about your investment. If you want to invest then please invest in long term. 2.