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Sonu nigam , Attack on sonu nigam ,full video . sonu nigam at police station

Singer Sonu Nigam was attacked, along with Sonu Nigam his team, his brother was also attacked, after this Sonu Nigam and Sonu Nigam's brothers were admitted to the hospital, according to the information Sonu Nigam's condition is out of danger but his brother His condition is still serious, Sonu Nigam told that he was attacked a lot but his body guard saved him. All this happened when Sonu Nigam and his team were performing at a music event last night, then in the middle of the event, a boy came and wanted to take a selfie with Sonu Nigam, due to which his team asked him to move away, but he No mind, and the people who came with him started throwing Sonu Nigam and his team down from the stage one by one. It is being told that the boy is the son of the MLA of the same local party. You will remember that a few days ago Sonu Nigam had given a statement about Azaan, some people believe that he has been attacked for the same, below you can see this video which is going viral on socia