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Why crypto market , bitcoin fall | why crypto market going down | Crypto market news

 There are too many reason for Crypto market as well as Bitcoin falling today . We will discuss one by one . First of all we will talking about fear and greed index .  Fear and Greed index showng that higher saling in market as compare to yesterday ,or last month . Yestardy fear was 30 and today is 33 . This is showing that more people booking their profit . If you have a good memory before 60 days fear index was 70 and that time bitcoin was on $ 17600 .  After that slowly slowly market recover and  bitcoin reach at $25000 on 14 August 2022.  Profit booking :  As you all know that on 19 June 2022 Bitcoin was $17600 and on 14 August 2022 bitcoin was $25000 . If you remind that very high quantity was buy of bitcoin and some other good crypto currency like BNB , ETH , Solana etc.  If you calculate people who was buy in dip now they was in approximate 50 % profit and more.  Approximate before 60 days bitcoin was $17600 , BNB was $ 186 And Ethereum was $ 980 . And on 14 August Bitcoin was o

Samsung 12 GB SmartPhone in Just Rs. 13999 | 50 MP camera | 6000 mAh Battery | specification | price | Samsung M Series

 This Samsung Smartphone has a Ram plus technology and with this Technology this samsung smartphone adding 8 GB ram + in its existing Ram . Narmally this Samsung Smartphone Coming with 4 GB + 64 GB  staorage , And second varient is with 6 GB ram + 128 GB storage . The name of This samsung Smartphone is Samsung M13 5G  Samsung M13 5G  , Specifiation  and Price on amazon  Price For 4 GB + 64 GB Varient On Amazon is Rs . 13999  if you want to know more or buy this kindly click on this link : samsung M13 5G , 4GB 64 GB  Price For 6 GB + 128 GB Varient On Amazon is Rs . 15999  if you want to know more or buy this kindly click on this link : Samsung M13 5G , 6 GB + 128 GB  SPECIFICATION : MODEL NAME : SAMSUNG GALAXY M13 5G  SCREEN SIZE : 6.5 INCH Upto 12GB RAM with RAM Plus | 64GB internal memory expandable up to 1TB| Superfast 5G with 11 5G Bands, Powerful MTK D700 Octa Core 2.2GH with Android 12,One UI Core 4 50MP+2MP Dual camera setup- True 50MP (F1.8) main camera + 2MP (F2.4) | 5MP (F2.0