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  Total users of whatsapp worldwide are more than 2 billion ie 200 corers. Total user of Twitter worldwide is than 300 million. Total Blue tick account or verified account worldwide are 4 lakh , 400000 + , Currently Elon musk tweet for Blue tick account or verified account will be chargeable and the fee is $8 per month. Elon musk will earn approx $3.5 million monthly from twitter which will be extra from twitter current earning. The revenue generated by twitter in 2021 is $5 Billion.   Currently Elon Musk tweet for advertiser, and if all advertiser are confirmed the deal like with youtube and facebook then twitter will earn huge money.   Total user’s of Facebook,meta worldwide are 3 billion approximately . The earning of facebook is $95 billion .   Whatsapp and Instagram also the product of facebook. Whatsapp is the most used application worldwide.   Total users of Youtube worldwide are more than 2.5 billion people. The earnings of youtube is $22 billion.   Wo

how to create fact channel on youtube and earn 10 lakh per month

Search 2-3 facts channel on youtube Choose any video ( most viewed ) Play this video and note down the point Know the fact about these points   Choose the clips from for particular points .   Record your voice in mobile with help of mic .   Than go kinemaster , add all the clips one by one according to             points , Add your recorded voice into your video Listen your audio and adjust or edit your clips according to your audio. Use effects from kinemaster .     Add soft music for background audio You can download background music which is copyright free from youtube audio library . Than export your video and upload it on youtube . Give a good title to your video , add description ,    Tags related to your video , add good thumbnail to your video.     Publish it . When your channel go to eligibility criteria than apply for adsense .     Tags : information,a notice,request,matter,requests,response,task,meaning,expectation,inform,l