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If you want to earn huge money then ? Business oportunities and you

 Hello Friends , in this post we will discuss about next generation business oportunities.  A very first we will clear you that if you are happy with your daily life ,expenses and don't have any big dream or desire you can continue with your current work and job. But if you want huge moaney a big house and a big car then you should start a business .  But before start your business you should learn about something ,because if you don't learn or know about yourself before starting your business definatly you will earn loose of your time and money too.  1. Know your capabilities: Before start your business you should analyse your capabilities like your strenth your weakness , your financial condition, your backup etc.  Before start your business do very deeply analysis of your finacial condition. 2. Know the demand of your business :  Before you start your business you should know your demand or requirment of your business in future and what is the need of product or service you