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emi calculator code for year and for month

 <!DOCTYPE html> <html> <head>   <title>EMI Calculator</title>   <script>     function calculateEMI() {       var loanAmount = parseFloat(document.getElementById('loanAmount').value);       var interestRate = parseFloat(document.getElementById('interestRate').value);       var loanTenure = parseFloat(document.getElementById('loanTenure').value);       var monthlyInterest = interestRate / (12 * 100);       var totalMonths = loanTenure * 12;       var emi = (loanAmount * monthlyInterest * Math.pow(1 + monthlyInterest, totalMonths)) /                 (Math.pow(1 + monthlyInterest, totalMonths) - 1);              document.getElementById('emiResult').innerHTML = 'Monthly EMI: $' + emi.toFixed(2);     }   </script> </head> <body>   <h1>EMI Calculator</h1>   <label for="loanAmount">Loan Amount ($):</label>   <input type="number" id="loanAmount"

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EMI Calculator EMI Calculator Loan Amount ($): Interest Rate (%): Loan Tenure (years): Calculate

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  EMI CALCULATOR  CODE  <html> <head>     <title>EMI Calculator</title>     <style>         .container {             max-width: 400px;             margin: 0 auto;             padding: 20px;             border: 1px solid #ccc;             border-radius: 4px;         }         .form-group {             margin-bottom: 10px;         }         .form-group label {             display: block;             font-weight: bold;         }         .form-group input {             width: 100%;             padding: 5px;             border: 1px solid #ccc;             border-radius: 4px;         }         .result {             margin-top: 20px;             font-weight: bold;         }     </style> </head> <body>     <div class="container">         <h2>EMI Calculator</h2>         <div class="form-group">             <label>Loan Amount:</label>             <input id="loanAmount" placeholder

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   PPF CALCULATOR  <!DOCTYPE html> <html> <head>   <title>PPF Calculator</title>   <style>     body {       font-family: Arial, sans-serif;       text-align: center;       margin-top: 100px;     }     label {       font-weight: bold;     }     input[type="number"] {       padding: 8px;       font-size: 16px;       border-radius: 5px;       border: 1px solid #ccc;     }     button {       padding: 10px 20px;       font-size: 16px;       border-radius: 5px;       border: none;       background-color: #4CAF50;       color: white;       cursor: pointer;     }     #result {       margin-top: 20px;       font-size: 18px;       font-weight: bold;     }   </style> </head> <body>   <h1>PPF Calculator</h1>   <label for="principal">Enter your initial investment amount:</label>   <br>   <input type="number" id="principal" min="500" step="100" required&g