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Quora पर पूछे गए 10 intresting सवाल जिन्हे millions लोगो ने देखा और पढ़ा। आप भी देखिये मजा भी आएगा , ज्ञान भी बढ़ेगा

Question 1.   My husband cheated on me. I told him the only way I would take him back is if I cheat on him. He agreed I should. Has this worked out for anyone? Answer 1 .  This happened to my friend. He cheated, then she cheated. They broke up and he quickly flaunted someone else around to everyone. She got back with him and cheated again. Then he cheated again, you see a pattern here. . Question No. 2 :  What if Pakistan or any other country never return the loan to IMF or World Bank? What steps can they take against the country? Answer : When a country does not return the loans to the World Bank or the IMF, this is called a default. Defaults are not unknown. Zimbabwe defaulted to the World Bank in 2000. After that, the Bank did not make any more loans to Zimbabwe. However, the Bank continued to support Zimbabwe through other means. Overview by trust funds, including the Zimbabwe Reconstruction Fund, the predecessor Zimbabwe Analytical Multi-Donor Trust Fund, the Multi-Donor Trust Fun