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The kerala story movie -Budget -collection -overview , cast , showtimes , trailers , clips , review -32000 hindu girls converted to islam -terrorist attack

 The Kerala story - a film - a truth - a  controversy  The kerala story review and public opinion The kerala story movie story Friends, it is being told that this film is based on a true incident, in this film it was shown how 32000 Hindu girls of Kerala were mind washed and how they were converted from Hindu to Muslim, how they were converted to Islam. inspired to, The main role in the film and in the beginning a woman named fatima is caught by the police and they are asking when did you join isi, on this fatima says that when did you join isi it is more important than knowing why did you join, It is shown in the film that there is a whole terrorist organization which has been shown as a Muslim organization, this terrorist organization does complete planning, it consists of both girls and boys, who were given training on how to convert from Hindu to Muslim, which people be targeted, It is shown in the kerala story that along with the terrorist organization, there are also some Muslim