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A Brief History Of Samsung and Samsung Series - all about Samsung Phone- Specification

 A brief history of Samsung  In present time Samsung Electronics is a Biggest market players with his different type of electronics gadgets or you can say daily need item . But few year before its was not a major players in the market . And in present time Samsung stand on no.1 position due to its android phones . Before android Apple and Nokia was biggest players of electronics market in the world.  as you know that everyone wants something different and something more Convenient  and easy to use in every field. When android come in market Firstly very first they go to Nokia for collaboration but Nokia denied . That was a luckiest time for Samsung , Samsung has start making android phones and from that day Samsung not see go back .  Samsung start or founded in 1938 from South Korea .  At present Samsung offer daily needs electronics appliances like LCD and LED tv, Big screen , Samsung Mobile phone , Samsung Watch ,Samsung band , Samsung tab, Samsung semiconductors, Samsung memory Chip