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Today in this post, I will tell you, I am going to tell you one thing about Akshay Kumar, who has ruled the hearts of all, many of these will be such that you do not know, in this post, I will tell you that Akshay Where do Kumar live, what is his con's in the family, what he likes, how much wealth he has, and about the struggle of life made by him, then let's start,

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Akshay Kumar's real name is Rajiv Hariom Bhatia, born on September 9, 1967 in Amritsar, Punjab, with Akshay Kumar's films as well as directorials of films and Marsal Arts also know well, tell you about 125 He has worked in more films, and seeing his acting, he has also received a proliferation from multiple times, which he got many times in the Filmfare Award Head She has been working for a long time in Hindi films, Akshay Kumar is also known about his customary life and routine, Akshay Kumar is said to be lovingly Akki, people in the film industry also get him in the name of the player You know, and as you know, where other actors need any stun men for the stunts of their film, Akshay Kumar himself owns most of the stunts of his films Wife is, and she let it go,
As I said that he was born in Amritsar of Punjab, his father's name was Hariom Bhatia, who was an army officer, Akshay Kumar's mother's name is Aruna Bhatia, besides Akshay Kumar, his parents have another child Whose name is Alka Bhatia, who is Akshay Kumar's sister,
Let us tell you that Akshay Kumar has studied at Dan Bosco School and further studies have been done by Guru Nanak Nanak Khalsa College of Mumbai.
After getting the Black Belt in Taekwakondo in India, Akshay studied martial arts in Bangkok, Bangkok. After returning from there, Akshay made his photo shoot, after which he was signed for the movie 'Deirdar'.
Now we tell you about Akshay Kumar's marriage about Akshay Kumar's marriage to Rajesh Khanna's daughter, Twinkle Khanna, in 2001, she has two children, named Arv Kumar (boy) and Nitara Kumar (girl)
Talking about his career, his career started with the film Deedar but if he talked about the main role, then his career started with Saugand, you have seen this movie in which he plays Rakhi's son And, and a very festive Ganan of this film still plays Pat is Konasa, Laila will forget, Majnu will be forgotten, the upcoming breed will eat us,
 Initially, his films did not get a special response, but his players' series made him Bollywood's' Khel Kumar Kumar '.
As you know, Akshay Kumar is a known name for Hindi films, but despite this, he lives a very simple life,
Let's tell you something interesting about Akshay Kumar,
1. As you know, Akshay Kumar's father's name was Hariom Bhatia, in his name, Akshay Kumar opened his production house, which he named Hari Om Productions,

2. -Axaxation was the passion of martial arts and taekwondo since childhood. He has also been awarded black belt in Taekando. He also learned Muay Thai in bangkok.

3. Akshay Kumar's Survati life has been quite a struggle, before becoming a film actor, he has worked as a waiter and a cook,

4. As you all know, Akshay Kumar has a familiar name in the film industry, but he does not show it anymore, he also explains the same thing to his children, this is also an example of his when Akshay Kumar gets his daughter's admission To go to school, he also engaged in line like ordinary man and waited for his turn,

5. Akshay Kumar has no shortage of money but he does the expense like a common citizen,
6. As I said that he lives a disciplined life, due to which he does his dinner before 7 o'clock, he says that calories burned after eating at 7 o'clock in the evening does not burn calories To make the transplant, it rises at 4 o'clock in your routine,
7. In addition to working in films, he has worked in many TV serials such as Hazard player, National Geography, and he gets a lot of money for it,

Now we tell you something about Akshay Kumar's personal life

About Akshay Kumar's affairs or his love,

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Prior to joining the film, Akshay Kumar's affair was with the famous model Pooja Batra of Door, the affair grew so much that both of them got engaged and a few months before the marriage, Akshay Kumar got more than one movie, after that Chka Chondh of the film world fell on this relationship and this relation broke,

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It is eaten that Akshay Kumar's affair also remained with his older actress Rekha, during the set of the players of the players, after the set of players, both came together, but both of them did not say anything about this to the media. ,

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It is said that Akshay Kumar's affair also remained with the very beautiful actress of that door, Raveena Tandon, it is said that at the time Akshay Kumar was dating Raveena Tandon, he was also dating Shilpa Shetty. When Raveena Tandon came to know about this, she ended her relationship with Akshay Kumar.
Nor better understood,

4. Shilpa Shetty

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In the 90's, Akshay Kumar and Shilpa Shetty were in the well-known couples, Shilpa also said that Mani and in one of her interviews also said that both of them were dating each other and their demands were met, but for some reasons Because of this the Rista also broke,

5. Priyanka Chopra :

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It is believed that the close proximity between Akshay Kumar and Priyanka Chopra during the film's endeavors, the news spread all around soon, the news was addressed to his wife, Twinkle Khanna, but his family and his marriage Sudha To save the relationship, Akshay Kumar came out of this relationship,

First girlfriend later became wife Twinkle

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On January 17, 2001, Akshay, who is married to Twinkle Khanna, is living a happily married life today. But very few people know that Akshay was not in the mood to marry Twinkle, but Akshay Kumar bowed in front of the pressure of twinkle mother Deepali Kapadia, and finally the two got married. Both of them have two children. After the marriage, Akshay left his playboy image and today both are living happily lives.

Akshay Kumar's wealth:
Let us tell you that in year 2018, Akshay Kumar is the 7th most expensive film actor of the world and this record is recorded in Forbes, according to the news, Akshay Kumar has $ 150 million if you convert it into Indian form [it would be Rs. 10151 99 2500 is ,

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