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                              In today's post, I will tell you how you can make a small shop in the market and earn millions of rupees per month with just one computer and internet and a printer, so friends will be thinking how can this happen. Common things are available to everyone today,
So friends are going to tell this today, I am going to tell about this work,
Friends, this is a form of online form filling. Yes, you must have seen that every month, 2 to 3 new government jobs forms, which every month fills millions of students, now you can apply 100 to 200 forms online. So you get one form filling 100 rupees at least 100 rupees.
Now let me show you a little calculation
If two forms of the month come out much more,
And both forms of both forms, 25, 25 forms i.e. total 50 forms, your income will be 5000 rupees
If you fill 100 forms then your income will be Rs. 10000
If 500 fills 500 forms, then earns Rs 50000
And to earn 1 million months you will have to fill only 1,000 forms and you will not get this easy and earning business,
Friends, you can keep some books along with this business. You also get a 50% margin on these books too, now you can apply if 10 percent of the people who fill out the form also buy books from you, then at least 100 will save Rs 100 and if you fill 1000 forms, you will get at least 10 thousand rupees extra, your income will be more,
So friends, how did you get this information if you liked it, share this post as much as possible,
I'll greet you guys for the next post in the next post.
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