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Hello friends ...
                     In today's post, I'm going to tell you about the most searched person on Google, let me tell you that you are going to tell you about a woman who has been the most searched Google search for the past several years. More is the woman to be searched,

Now friends will not tell you a long time in their name, yes their name is Kim Kardashian, friends, this is the name that has been the most searched since 2004,
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His full name is Kimberly Noel Kardashian West, he was born on October 21, 1980 in Los Angeles, California,
The name of the place where they live or where they live is Hidden Hills California, United States,
If they talk about their work, they do many different things like media personality, actress, socialist, model, business woman,
Now let us tell you about their property, by June 2019, their total assets are $ 370 million, if you convert them into Indian rupees, it is 25900 billion dollars,
They also have their own television channel, whose name is Keeping Sub with the Carrsharines
  Friends, now we are going to tell you about their Married Life, which is going to be very intrigued,
Her first marriage took place in 2000 with Daman Thomas, whom she divorced in 2004,
Their second marriage took place in 2011 with Christ Humphries, whom they divorced in 2013,
After this he got married from Kanye West to third marriage in 2014 which is still going well,

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Now let's talk to you that they have 4 children,
His father's name is Robert Kardashian and his mother is Kris Jener,

In addition to Kim Kardashian, they have two mutual sisters, one brother, and two half-sisters in their family,
They also have their own website which you can open and see.

Now let's talk in details:
Kim Kardashian, however, used to be seen in the media, but the festival or the fame came when his sexy tape was caught with his X Boyfriend, after this incident, he was notified everywhere, to be searched all over the internet. But, here Kim showed the courage of a lotus and his personality, and after such an incident, when he was on the news and on the internet, he had a television Show launch which was listed in very quickly popular show of its name were keeping sub with Kardashian

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He told you that he has more than 100 million Followers  on his social media, in the last few days, he started to be very active on social media, as well as he launched many surveys with his name, whose name also included Carcarsian Along with Improduct, he also launched a mobile game in his name, 2014, which was named Kim Kardarshan Hollywood, along with all of them. Together he also launched a variety of clothes and different design dresses with his name,
When you came to know that his last marriage with his husband rapper Kanye West, this news was also in the media's headlines, and too much viral,
As I have told you in their details above that they were married in 2014 and now they have 4 children,
As you know, Time Magazine lists the 100 most influential people every year; In 2015, they made their time in the Time Magazine's 100 Most Powerful People, while in 2016 another Prashid Vog called it a pop phenomenon in 2016. , Became the highest-paid actress of reality television in the year 2015, their one-year earnings were more than $ 53 million, if Indian Rupee They speak of their earnings that year, it was Rs 3710000000,

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The friends now talk about what they did by Kim Kardashian of his career, Kim started his career with a fashion boutique in 2006, in which his sister was with them, a network of such moves led to his boyfriend's Leaked a sexy tape with which he got a lot of discussion, after which he sent a legal notice to that network, then there was an agreement between that network and Kim. According to Kim gave permission for a dollar from the network and give the public the network,
At the same time, when one of his reality shows was going to come, some media and a lot of public also called it a publicity stunt, and said that he did this to celebrate his upcoming show,
In 2007, Kim Kardashian appeared in a reality show with his entire family, whose name was Keeping Sub with Kardashian, this television show became very popular, and after that, offers came from Karsharshayan's different zodiacalities, in December of that same year Magazine also provided nude photographs which were named after Playboy, after that it appeared in different reality shows until the year 2009, and became popular.

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His advances on social media, activity:
Let me tell you that Kim Kardashian is active since 2014, and if he wants to talk about his followers  then he is in 100 million, many sarees and websites have become famous due to him, an example of this will tell you a website paper The average daily paper daily used to come up to 25000, but when Kim Kardashian entered the website, on the very first day of his entry, 15.9 million (15900000) Views came in a day, this is the magic of Kim,

In 2014, Kim Kardersian launched a mobile game for Apple, which was named Kim Kardersian Hollywood, which was the first game to earn $ 1.6 million (112 million Indian rupees) within 5 days of its release, in July 2014 The game's developer announces that their game has become the fifth-highest-earning game in Apple Store,

Personal Life:

Marriage, marriage:

Let me tell you that Kim Kardashian  married his friend in 2000, a music producer and his name was Daman Thomas, and in 2003, due to some reasons, they got divorced
After that, he started dating Karish Humharias in 2010 and married him in 2011, and 72 days after marriage, he filed a divorce for Kris Humahries, who was a pilgrim, and divorced in 2013.
After that she married Kayne Vest in the year 2014, which has been successful and is still going on. At this time, the workers had been 33 years old, due to this being a high profile couple their marriage got very media publicity,

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Let's tell you that Kim is Christian from Kardashian religion and he calls it Really Religious,

Paris Robbery:

 Friends, another very dangerous incident in their lives, which is known by the name of Paris robbery, tell you that in Kimberley, this robery, was stolen $ 10 million ornaments worth $ 10 million in October 2016, this robbery was a film In the sense that five people came to the police uniform in their room, took them on gun point, their hands were closed and their mouth was closed with a tape, but some critics He also called it a publicity stunt, the next day he filed a lawsuit against some media personnel, but as soon as the police investigation started, the police released a video in which Kim Kardashian looked at the phone to be stolen. They reported to the police, as well as there was no clue about their hands tied, so in the same way they used their lawsuit on 25 October 2016 Took and gave it a sign of being a publicity stunt, and soon after, and was engaged in the production of a TV show Keeping sub with Cardrshian,

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He launched many of his products and many serials in his name which can be seen in the market,
So friends were all about the most searched Google on Kim Kardashian,
If you like this post, tell us, if you like it, then share it with your friends and social media,


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