The ministry of finance is the head of the ministry of finance of the government of india .
Basically finance ministry office is responsible for the fiscal policy of the government. Finance minister is the most senior minister of cabinet . The main duties of finance minister is to present annual union budget in the parliament every year, and allow fund to states as well as for particular department .
There are many department and as well as state also present and start there work according to fund release by finance minister for the same.
in annually budget finance minister present the planning for coming year .

The  first finance minister of independent India was R.K Sanmukham Chetty and this was the person who was present first union Budget for Independent India.

Some highest records for presenting for the highest number of union budget as :

1. Morarji Desai present 10 union budgets, it was the highest number of budgets which was presented for a single finance minister.
next is P. CHIDAMBRAM'S  present 9 union budgets

next is our current president ie Mr. Pranab Mukherjee , present 8 union budgets for independent India ,

Now there are three people who have been presented same number of budgets , name's are Yasvant Sinha , Yasvantrao Chavan and C.D Deshmukh have presented 7 budgets each.

Now we are come to the very important point ie who is  present finance minister of India ?
and the answer is


Image result for image of nirmala sitharaman

Now i am telling you some thing about finance minister of India , Nirmala Sitharaman was born in 8 August 1959 .  She is from Bhartiya Janta Party . 
Presently she have two ministry or you can say two department , both are most important ministry as well as department , one is finance ministry of india and the second one is Minister of corporate Affairs. 
She is the member of rajya sabha and upper house Parliament since 2016.  She is the Second female of  finance minister and second female of defence minister after our former and famous prime minister Indira Gandhi .


 Nirmala was born in Madurai ( tamil nadu ) at 8 august 1959 .  his parents name is Narayanan Sitharaman and savitri . her father was the employee of Indian Railway . She complete her schooling from Madras , Bechlor degree from Ramaswami College , finally she complete her education with M.Phil degreee from the Jawahar Lal Nehru University Delhi in 1984. 

she met her husband mr. Prakala Prabhakar  in JNU DELHI  , actually when Nirmala learned about B.J.P , her husband was pro- congress  family . they get married in 1986 , at present her husband served as a communication adviser to the Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Mr. Chandrababu naidu .


Nirmala Joined the B.J.P  in 2008 and has served as a party spokesperson. She was inducted into Mr. Narender Modi Cabinet as a junior in 2014 . in june 2014 she was elected as a Rajya Sabha member from Andhra Pradesh .

in june 2016 she was one of the 12 candidate elected for the Rajya Sabha . She successfully clear her seat from Karnataka . After that she was appointed as a minister of defence on 3 september 2017, and she become the second female which hold the defence ministery after InDira gandhi. 
And now 31 May 2019 she becomes the Finance minister of India . She is India's first full time female finance minister. 


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