Which business will you pay more? Slippers factory or slippers retailing? See the whole truth,

Hello friends, as you know, I keep coming to you for a new business idea for you, today I have come here for you to do. One such business that you may have seen a lot of talk on YouTube and everywhere but today I Let me tell you the truth that if something happens like this is really so that you can earn so much money, then friends are talking about the business of making slippers.

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 The slippers making business is very much nowadays and you must have seen on YouTube all the way, if you see YouTube, then at least 100, 200 videos will be available to you, which will be about sandal marketing, Sandal Manufacturing is said to be about friends myself I wanted to do this business so I researched 15 to 20 days and after research I found that there is no such special benefit in manufacturing After that I saw that Holchelar survived around 15:00% while the retailer had fifty percent to save only five to ten per cent of the product which is saving the manufacturing, or the cost of anything that comes from his cut. If you do, then 5 to 10 percent is saved. The advantage is that their goods get up in bulk but what to do to raise it, what I will tell you is Let me say that in this post as I am telling you that I am 20 days, then I realized that no sandal manufacurer starts in 25000 only, in 25000 you get the machine, after which the printing machine is different from you, which is like drinking or tanning The machine which now also speaks Baddi is different, after that you are being told on YouTube that if you get a rubber sheets of 300 then the rubber sheet of ₹ 300 gets like I did There is no demand for that made of chapalo. Now let me tell you what machine you get in 25000, you have to spend more, which is a fully automatic machine, you get around 200000 and along with it and machine If you talk about all the machines, you spend about two to two and a half lakh rupees in it, as well as the slippers which come as you like, take you from Agra, you get it from Delhi. It is from Faridabad that you can get it from Chandigarh, so many places where you can get it, or you can also ask for online India Mart, then you will make all the things from there, you will get total electricity. You will have to keep the bill and everything that if you keep it in your start, it will ruin your machine too, it will also get worse, so that You will not even be able to wear slippers, you will have to keep at least 10 to 15,000 laborers who will take you 10000 or 15000 every month with two to three labors.

Image result for slipper making machineImage result for slipper making machineImage result for slipper making machine

 If you want to spend so much then you have to spend so much ₹ 300000 will be spent on it, then your menu factoring unit will start. In it, you should consider that the good sandal you have is ₹ 30 at least at ₹ 30 and the quality of the slippers like 140 rs.150 is in the market. and Go to meet you will be ready in 50 to 55, after that it goes to Holseler if your में is made in 50, then it goes to 55 to 56 in wholesaler  which will be done in the next 60 to 70 and after that That is the main business, the retailer's. Yes, the friends have heard it right. The retailer earns them a very good commission from twenty-five to thirty percent. Now my opinion is that you do not open the manufacturing unit and you are off retailing. If you have a boy, then you can send those boys to many places like backs, fair or any other kind of operation where you get the cell where you can not send it, I can tell you. If you talk to direct manufacturing, remove the wholesal from the middle, remove the wholesaler from the middle, then you have to do a little bit more investment, which means that you must have at least 10 to 15000 mother If you set up a manufacturing unit, you will make the same type of slippers but if you do the job of retailing, then you can buy all kinds of sandal even by putting 20000 ₹ 25000 and you will have all the variations, you must have seen that very As you have seen in the market, there are many types of flaps, which you can take all kinds of malls in 20 to 25000 and you can earn them a lot of money. They are many of them. Variety you can also double price and in the market as well as I told you that you will be very good from there, so let me tell you what you have to do. You need to buy chaplace from direct manufacturing. You have to buy a store, if you get 60 ₹ 60, then at your comfort it gets up to 24. In it, let's suppose that ₹ 10 couples have kept their boys in 1 day. Suo 10, 10, 20, 20 couples also sell, you have four boys, if they come by selling 2020 pairs then 80 pairs are also you, leave now ₹ 60 in some of the things I think ₹ 50 were left ₹ 50 out of 50 you gave them a pair of 10, then suppose that if you pair on ₹ 10, then your pair still saves you 40 ₹ 40 on a slippers, you save 80 pairs of sandals in the day ₹ 32 According to this you can save 100,000 ₹ 100,000 of the month. You may also have some different ideas than this, so that if you earn more money, then my opinion is that before you do any work, youtube Before watching the video, before starting the business, doing research in the market like I did, the truth will come in front of you as the manufacturing is that it is very easy to produce anything but it is very difficult to sell it, like I did You said you will be able to walk smoothly and by putting only 20 to 25000 you will be able to sell them comfortably with pair slippers also take that joke Apple, like I told you you will not get the slippers above 60, then take 100 pair of sandals. Set fire for 6,000 in 25000 and you will not get much more. At least 400 pair will be removed soon. If I am talking about the sandal extracted in the week, then imagine that ₹ 16000 you sit in a week, in this way if you work for one month then 16 of which 64 you save ₹ 64000 every month If you are only after applying ₹ 25000 then you do it in more ways than the manufacturing. You have the advantage in retailing. Do retailing and make a good market as you can make a good market. Returning can be done by keeping it on your shop. At the same time, this guy who gave you the ID is better than you probably will not be able to earn unlimited, thanks you have a comment If you have any suggestions, please give me friends. You can also follow us on YouTube Instagram and Facebook also on Twitter, I'll direct you there. You can watch all this video on YouTube, but there is also our entire video. Our YouTube name is Indian Rana Studio, you can go there and see all this video you will find.

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