You must know about these points about China, even half of them you do not know, some things to know about China,

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  Today in this post you are going to tell some interesting information about China, my claim is that in today, I will tell you, you will be unaware of most of these information, then all these interesting and you will find all these amazing information which will surprise you. In this post,
Let's start,

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You have increased the economic growth of China in the last one century, faster than the US, but why did you know this, the second biggest thing do you know that China's mall is the cheapest, similar to China? You must have known about this proverb that if it does not go to the moon, then by this evening, China's mall does not last long, but still the best sells, you will know that China has a fake mall. Ane and is at the forefront of the whole world to sell it, but why, today we give you some interesting information about you such as,
Recently, the Indian government has banned many goods from China, you must know that India recycles many things from China but it is fake, which is why it has to be stopped,
You might be surprised to know that the Chinese chunks you give to your child can be made from the used condoms, you will be surprised to know that China uses everything that has been spoiled by any one use For example, for plastics, you can take the example of condoms when it has been used for its main work and after recycle it, It is not made, it can also be your baby's toy which you buy it with great love,

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You might be surprised to know that fake honey and rice are also found in China,
You must have heard a famous proverb about China that every four-legged thing is eaten without leaving the table and chair, here the boiled eggs are eaten in the virgin boy's urine (urine), tell you that this tradition Thousands of years old, for this, urine is collected from places like schools, colleges, there is a well-established belief that the pain of the bones of the bones, the pain, legs and joints of the bones There is no pain in it, as well as the person eating the food is full of energy all day,
Tell us which cockroach we are lying in the use of a kind of poison to die; The same cocokrh is eaten here with grief, here also the crocodile and dogs are eaten, let me tell you in a city of China Every year in June, the Dog Meat Festival is celebrated, according to a recent research done, 20 million dogs are killed every year in China, let me tell you at the meat festival alone from 10 Are killed 15 thousand dogs, and a festival it is named,

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If you talk about festivals in China, there is also a different way to celebrate the festival here as Christmas is not generally celebrated here, nor is Diwali celebrated here, but despite its 85% Christmas tree and 75% Diwali And decorative lights are made here, that is, in China.
You will have to know that the cat is seen as a swastish meal and 40 lakh cats are eaten as a delicious meal every year,
Another distraught thing in China is that the people of Aamir or anybody else can send someone to jail instead of theirs, the person who is punished should pay some money to send another man to jail,
Now you can tell the information of another lotus that many people in China suffer from drowning in water, that they get a job to remove the body from the river,
According to a research, every fifth person in the world is in China, i.e. China's population is so much,
Let me tell you that there are some big social media site restrictions in China that is Benede, whose name is Facebook and Twitter, it is closed here since the year 2009,
Letting you know that having a red color in the Union city of China is also illegal,
Another interesting information. You may not know that the ice cream was discovered in China, along with some people, it is also believed that football was also discovered in China,
Let us tell you that more than 30 million people live in homes like caves in China, China has a more renowned record, which was made in 2010, yes this year, 100 kilometers of traffic jam in the Union city of China It was thought that it took 12 days to open and it was the longest jam,
Tell you that in every 30 seconds in China, a person with a crippled or whose mental condition is not right, that is, who is physically or mentally ill from birth, and all this is pollution, tell you here The pollution of so much is that breathing one day in the city of Beijing means that you have consumed about 22 cigarettes,
Let us tell you that apart from China's wall, pollution can also be seen from space,
Let us tell you that 90% of the water in China has dissolve toxic substances,
One more amazing thing is that if you find any panda in the world then blindfold you have the right to China, tell you China has taken this species lease, that is, you Tell them that their children also have the right to China,

China has achieved another tuition. You will be surprised to know that by 2025, there will be 10 whistles in New York in China, tell you that China sells the sexiest sex in the world,
 Let us tell you one more thing: People speak English in China more than the US, as well as people using mobile phones in China more than the US population, after painting pets, make them panda, zebra or tiger Is a unique trend,
In the year 2013 there was a tremendous incident, this year a painted dog got entangled in the zoo and for many days people considered it a Tiger,
You will be surprised to know that in Hong Kong's Polytechnic University Bra Studies also gives degrees, China's largest Laundry Manufacturing company has a Bra Lab too, this company has more than 60 million brands each year such as Victoria Secrets, Plates, and Madal Firms. Inner wear is formed,
As I had already mentioned that China has made so much more of it in making counterfeit things that it also made the rice fake, this fake rice made in China also consumes rice, which together with rice salt, potatoes, and synthetic rays. Are made,
Let me tell you that this rice is not soft after cooking and most of the people fall sick due to its food,
But despite all these difficulties, this rice is sold openly in China, a bag plastic vinyl is equal to 3 bowl pulse rice, i.e. if you eat 3 bowl of plastic rice, it means that you eat a plastic bag containing plastic Taken, now you can think of yourself how bad it is to eat rice,
Tell you that fake honey is also made in China which is ready to be made upto Rs 50 only, and later it is sold at the same price as sugar mixed, tell you that this fake honey is exported to many countries is done ,
Rice noodles are made by mixing a chemical called self-oxide in animals that are eatable and rotten or rotten in China.
We all know that this rice noodles is so harmful, it also leads to diseases like cancer, so now you guys have understood why China's mall is so cheap and why it is not sustainable,
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If you buy all of China's goods even after knowing all this, then tell you that buying China's goods is equivalent to buying death for your brave Fozio,
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Another prayer You can write or share this post with the people, but as far as possible you can boycott the Chinese goods,
Jai Hind Jai Bharat .....
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