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 Today, in this post, I am going to tell you, one of the famous stars in the movie, about all the big names associated with the superstar Salman Khan, all the special stories from his birth till today, his career's ups and downs, affair, Controversy And every interesting information about Salman Khan, let's start ......

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Friends, most of you do not know that Salman Khan's full name is Abdul Rasid Salman Khan, 90% of his people know his film name as Salman Khan,
Along with being an actor, Salman Khan is also a producer, television personality and social worker, people also lovingly call him Bhaijaan and Sallu Bhai,
Salman Khan is one of the leading film actors of Hindi film industry, he has worked in many small films and achieved his status, his grunts are included in every class and girls want him a lot,
At the present time, his fan-bottoming position is that his people are crowded out of his house (the Galaxy Apartments). The fancy of their fans is such that their fans are desperate to get a glimpse of them. Many times, it has happened that Salman had to face a lot of problems with his fans, and in the Times Sellbacks Bollywood Actors Index rating, he is on top of the top.

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Salman was born on December 27, 1965 in Indore Madhya Pradesh, his father's name is Salim Khan, a famous film writer, he has written many Hindi films which were also very well-known, Salman Khan's mother's name was Sushila Charak His mother is Maharashtrian and his father Salim Khan is from Jammu Kashmir, film star Helen is his stepmother, he also has two brothers Arbaaz Khan and Suha L is mine Arbaaz is married in the past and VJ has been married to actress Malaika Arora Khan.But now Malaika Arora and Arbaaz Khan have been divorced, Salman also has two sisters named Alveera and Arpita.

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Study :
Salman Khan studied at Scindia School, Gwalior, where he used to study with his brother Arbaaz Khan. After this he studied at the Stanstnislaus High School in Mumbai's Bandra area.


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Salman Khan started his life with the help of a supporting actor in the film Bei Ho. He had done it, at the heart of the main actor, he first acted in Meena Pyaar Kiya and it was a super hit, a famous gan of this film is still very much It is heard more than yes, you have heard the song of Kabutta Jaa Poetta, then after that you have worked in another very beautiful film Hum Aapke Hain Kaun. Rane broke record and was a super hit, Madhuri Dixit played with him in the film, after this, another very popular film, Aaye Tere Naam, who won everyone's heart and made his passionate fans emotionally, in this way This was the first movie to be finished, because Hindi is the ending film of the film, it was the first such film that was finished in this way, in this movie, Salman Khan's fiance diwang There was simply that they like Salman just kept your hair styling and hair styling "went to be known in your name. After that, he worked in many films, but for the past few years his fans also grew because they were more liked in action movies. Since the film 'Wanted', he constantly flashed hits.

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