Interesting things related to the Red Fort that you do not know yet.

Hello friends in this post will tell you in this post some things related to the Red Fort that you have not yet known, Yes, the Red Fort of Delhi, many of you may have gone here but in the things I am going to tell you You will not even know half things,
So let's start the guys:
Friends can tell you that the Red Fort was the residence of the Mughal empire till about 1857 till 1857. Yes, the Red Fort, which is in Delhi, is in Mughal Empire or it is said that the Mughal was in the form of the main fort during the Shashan period,
Let us tell you that after the Mughal Empire, all his works were done in the Red Fort only during the British rule.

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The construction of the Red Fort was made in the year 1648 as the fifth emperor of the Mughal empire, in the form of his palace, the red fort was completely made of red stone, due to which it was named Red Fort, Salim built by Islam Shah Suri in 1546. Like the fort fort, the Red Fort was also built, in this very beautiful fort, many stage theater has been built, which is connected to the channel of water and it will be built and It is said that this fort represents the creativity of the Shah Jahan regime, according to Muslim traditions and statues, this fort was constructed, we see the Rashtriya of the Muslim palace in the Red Fort, as well as in the Red Fort, The image of the tradition is also visible, there is also a very beautiful charming garden outside the fort, but the garden built in the Red Fort, the garden is in Delhi, Rajasthan The slightest look seems to be seen from the gardens of Khan, Punjab, Kashmir, Braj and Rohelkhand, tell you that along with the fort of Salimgarh, the Red Fort was also included in UNESCO Heritage site in 2007, Independence Day, August 15, India The Prime Minister hoisted the Tricolor at the main gate of the Red Fort, and also gave a speech,
So friends were the history of the Red Fort. Now we tell you some interesting facts about the Red Fort,

The Red Fort is basically white, yes, it is a red fort, but it is actually the fact that it is not red, but according to the Indian survey of Archological, some parts of the fort are made from the Pathto, but when the white stone is bad The British then gave them red color,

His name is written on the marginal walls of the fort, the high walls of the fort are meant to be more secure than the fort, since the Red Fort has been reddened, since then the British had named it Red Fort and The people here converted this name to Red Fort,

Red Fort was once also called Qila Mubarak as we all know that the Red Fort in the actual form of the friends was called Qila Mubarak, this fort was built when Shah Jahan transmitted his capital from Delhi to Agra. Was

It took 10 years to build the Red Fort, as we all know that at that time there were not enough resources to make the construction work, but the then famous architect Ustad Hamir and Ustad Ahmed started the construction of the Red Fort. It was completed in 1638 and its construction was completed in 1648, meaning that it took 10 years to build the Red Fort,

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Kohinoor diamond is part of its furniture, yes yes, the Hindurah which is the most expensive in the world was a part of Shahjahan crown, wearing the crown, Shahjahan used to sit in his junk special,

The main gateway is called the Lahore Gate, the two gateways of the Red Fort are due to the attraction of the Delhi Gate and Lahore Gate, Shahjahan Lahore, one of its gates was given the name of the Lahore Gate as the most attractive attraction of the people is still India and Pakistan only,

There is also a water gate in the fort, which is also a gate of water in the fort. And, if seen, it is a river bank and the name of that river is Yamuna river, there has been a lot of change in so many years but the river Name was not changed,
The Red Fort is made in the Ashta Kodi shape, keeping the friends bird oyview in mind, the Red Fort was also built in Ashta Kodi,

It can also be called the color palace, which means the palace of palanquins, friends should tell you that it was the residence of the ruler's wife and servants, friends, the ruler was fortunate because he lived within the special palace He could easily have dinner with his queens,

The British had captured Bahadur Shah in the Red Fort of theirs, after the British defeated Bahadur Shah, they had taken captive in their palace and after being found guilty, they were taken out of the junk specially and sent to the piggery,

Every year on August 15, every year from the Independence Day, the Prime Minister gives lectures on the red fort with a national flag and this tradition has been running since then.

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The British had thrown the fort, it is said that when the Mughal regime was finished, the British damaged the fort very badly and broke it, after which the British had the right to the fort,
The British looted the palace of the fort and also destroyed the furniture, so it is said that the British landed the fort.
Red Fort today is a World Heritage Site which was created in 2007, it is a matter of great pride for India,
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Friends, these were some interesting things related to the Red Fort. If you have told us something like this, if the post is good, then the shares must be done,

these are the Interesting things related to the Red Fort that you do not know yet.

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