Whirlpool 5 Star 1.5 Ton 3D Cool Elite Inverter Split Air Conditioner

3D Cool Elite Pro 1.5 Ton 5 Star Inverter Split AC (100% Copper, 10 Year Warranty)

Whirlpool AC in India – Review 2020 : Bijli Bachao

  •  8-in-1 IntelliConvert Up to 60%* Faster cooling
  •  Intellisense Inverter Technology
  • 1 Year Product Warranty. 10 Year Compressor Warranty
  • 100% Copper
1.5 Ton
Star Rating:
5 Star


Takes care of everyone every day, in a different way

The all new 3D Cool Inverter ACs are equipped with intelli-convert with 8-in-1 modes. Now Switch between different modes with the touch of a button
~ - The air conditioner can be adjusted to 8 different modes


Takes care of your power consumption

Advanced Inverter Technology that adapts to your cooling needs while reducing energy and keeping power consumption low.

Advantages of Intellisense Inverter Tehnology
  • Lifetime saving of up to INR 65000* on your electricity bill
  • Stabilizer free operation : 150 - 264 V**


Takes care of you and the environment

Whirlpool ACs use R32 eco refrigerant. The GWPC (Global Warming Potential) is just one third of that of R-410's. Also, R-32's supper efficiency means that air-conditioners emit fewer greenhouse gases and require less refrigerant volume to operate. As R-32 is not a mixture of various other refrigerants, its easier to be recycled in the future, which is an additional benefit for the environment.

Advantages of R-32 Eco refrigrant
  • Consumes less energy
  • Zero impact on ozone layer   
  • Higher cooling capacity


100% copper unit*, where the indoor evaporator unit, outdoor condenser unit and all connecting pipes and tubes are made of copper.

Model1.5 T 3D Cool 5s
Energy Efficiency3 Star
Capacity1.5 tons
Noise Level43 dB
Installation TypeSplit
Special Featuresantibacterial_coating
Control ConsoleRemote Control
Included ComponentsMain Unit, User Manual
Battery Cell TypeAlkaline

WHIRLPOOL 3D COOL 1.5 TON 5 STAR SPLIT AC - Reviews |Price ...

Product description
The all-new range of Whirlpool Inverter 3D Cool ACs are equipped with the revolutionary 3D Cool Technology. The unique 3 Air Vents draw the hot air out faster from the room, ensuring maximum cooling. Removes 98.6% pollutants and keeps the air pollutants and allergen free. Works as a stand alone built-in air purifier. Advanced Inverter Technology that adapts to your cooling needs while reducing electricity usage.It gives silent cooling with low noise level up to 37dB, stabilizer free operation and instant cooling. The unique 6th SENSE Intellicomfort Technology from Whirlpool senses the room's real feel temperature considering the humidity level and gives the best cooling result.

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