Start the business of detergent powder for just Rs 2500, earn Rs 6000 every day, work from home business idea

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Today in this post, we are going to tell you about a business that needs every home, needs every human being, till date, there will be no person who has or has not used this product,

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Yes, friends, we are talking about detergent powder, detergent powder is a product that is used in every household every day,

Friends, you should always do the business that is needed every day, in every household or just say that you should do a business of FMCG product, the detergent powder is one of these,

If you do a business of detergent powder, then you will have very good and everyday profits, that too in very little cost,

What is detergent powder:

 Detergent powder is a mixture made up of many different types of chemical, which is less about washing clothes and keeping them clean,

How much will it cost to make one kg detergent powder:

Friends, there is no absolute standard or measure of detergent powder, so the cost of detergent powder also depends on its quality i.e.

Usually, the detergent powder is made in 15 kg, after that the higher the quality you want, the more it will cost,

If you want to make a very good quality detergent, then that too can be prepared in 30 to 35 rupees kg

How to start Business :

Friends, you can do a business of detergent powder in two ways,

1. Setting up your own factory

2. Buying ready-made powder and packing in your name

1. Friends, if you have good money to spend and you do not want to depend on someone else, then it will be beneficial for you to set up your own factory because in this you will be able to do everything according to yourself, you can make malls as much as you want. For this, you can also take a loan from the government,

2. Friends, if you do not want to spend more money and want equal profit, then another option is good for you, inside it you do not need to spend much money, you can start it in a few thousand rupees,

If you want to sell with your brand name and take this low to a big level, if you want a name along with money, then you create your brand,

If you build your brand, it will cost you about 1 lakh rupees,

If you do not build your brand, then your cost will be only 10 to 20 thousand rupees,

Friends, in this post here we will tell you about the other option, how else can you buy detergent powder for just Rs 15 a kilo and earn 1 lakh to 1.5 lakh rupees every month by applying just Rs 10,000.

Friends, you must have heard the name of IndiaMART, on this website every big seller has registered to sell every kind of mall, from here you can buy any goods at wholesale rate,


If we talk about detergent powder, from here you can buy detergent powder for just Rs 15 a kg,

The screenshot is given below,



How And Where To Sale : 

Friends, if you build your brand, then your expenses will be very high, here we will tell you that but how else can you sell it without a brand and as the demand of your product increases, you can become a brand,

Friends, in order to sell this detergent powder, you have to have at least 5 salesmen, who still go to the village, street to street, and sell goods, you have to give them 100, 100 kg detergent powder, and sell the product with them. That is, the more the product will be sold, the more money will be paid.

Usually, it is available at the rate of 5 rupees per kilo, in this way you will sell a lot of detergent powder every day, apart from this you can also contact local shopkeepers, even if you give a little cheaper then a lot of malls Sale will be done

How much profit will be made?

Friends, if you want to start this business by applying only 10 thousand rupees, then you will get at least 600 kg detergent powder,

If this detergent powder is sold by you for 30 rupees (by salesmen), then also you will save 6000 rupees every day.

Profit Calculations:

                    You bought detergent powder = 15 rupees kg

                    Given to salesmen = 5 rupees kg

                   That is, you had to have a total of Rs 20 kg of detergent powder.

If you sell it for 30 rupees a kilo, then you save 10 rupees on a kilo, thus selling 600 kilograms of detergent powder will save you 6000 rupees a day, that is, saving 1 lakh 80 thousand a month and 21 lakh 60 thousand annually.

Even if you sell it for 25 rupees a kilo, you will still save 3000 rupees a day, ie 90000 a month, and 10 lakh 80 thousand annually.

If you want, you can start it with 100 kg product and only 2500 rupees,


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