Hello friends, today we will tell you about a business starting from home, which you can earn from 2 to 3 lakh rupees every month by working from your home,

This is a business that continues to grow every day and starts from your home in very low investment.

Friends, we are talking about black rice, friends know a lot of work about this rice, generally it is grown in West Bengal, because right now this black rice is grown in very small quantity and its demand grows every day. Going so it sells very expensive,

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You can do business in two ways if you have farming land, then you can easily earn good money by cultivating it,

For its cultivation, you should sow it from the first week of May to June, it takes 6 months to prepare its crop,. it is also a kind of business that you can do from home,

Friends, the other way to do business of black rice is to earn good money by trading it, for this you do not need farming land nor do you have to wait for 4 months, you can start it immediately within just one month. ,You do not need any shop for its business, you can earn good money by working from home,

If you talk about the cost of this business, then you can start this business for just 1 lakh rupees, and you can earn up to 2 to 3 lakh rupees every month, that too by working from home,

How to do black rice business from home:

Friends, you can earn easy money by trading black rice, for this you have to buy black rice cheaply and sell it online and offline at expensive prices or say the price at which it is currently sold in the market.

Cheap black rice purchased from where:

Friends, there are two ways to buy black rice

 first: black rice is mainly in West Bengal, either you go and you can buy cheap rice by talking to a local traders or farmer, from this you can get rice for Rs. 70 per kg. But it is a bit tricky and time consuming,

Another way to buy cheap black rice:

Friends, for this you have to go to the website of indiamart and search by typing black rice, you will see that black rice is available at Rs 85 a kg, you can call it at the phone number and ask for rice at your home,

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Where to sell black rice:

Friends, except West Bengal, it has a lot of demand in the whole of India, it can be sold both online and offline,

To sell offline, you have to talk to the retailer near you and you can give it to the grocery shoppers,

To sell online,

black rice business, work from home , work from home tips

you have amazon, flipkart, jiomart, paytm mall, snapdeal, grofers, big basket, TATA Cliq and many more and very big online websites where you can register and sell it for free by selling it easily. You do not need to say that the whole mall will be sold from your house.

Licenses for Business of Black Rice from Home:

Trade license

GST number

Food license

Goods and machines required to do business of black rice:

 Packing pouches that you want to print under your brand name

Small packing machine

 Weight machine 

How much profit will be made?

 Friends, but we are telling you profits according to market prices,

As you saw, you get one kg of rice for Rs 85 from indiamart.

After this, you charge its packing and all other expenses for Rs. 15.

Your one kg ready mall costs you 100 rupees,

Friends, we have also given you a screenshot of Amazon in which you saw that black rice is being sold for 500 rupees,

Accordingly, you save 400 (500 selling price - 100 your total cost) by selling one kg of rice,

The 8 online companies listed above are the largest companies in India, their customers are all over India, and it provides services all over India,

Even if you get only 5, 5 kg orders every day from all the websites, you will still sell up to 40 kg in a day i.e. you will earn at least 40 * 400 = 16000 rupees every day,

The rest of the profit will depend on your sale and your selling price.

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