work from home , earn 1 lakh rupees per month only with licence of Rs. 100 ,Start work with registration of just 100 rupees and earn 1 lakh rupees every month

 Hello friends and welcome to another great business idea, within this you can get a registration for just Rs 100 and start your work, in just a few rupees you can start getting work, in this business if you have only 4000 Even if you put money, you can earn 4000 rupees every day,

This is a business from which a big company is earning crores of rupees every month, every household or simply every human being is needed, so with this business you will earn every month and your business will run,

There is no chance for loss in this business, but you can start earning money without doing any harm,

Apart from this, you are less educated, you are a duodenum, or you are a student or if you want to do it part time, you can still do this business and earn a lot of money every day,

Friends, we are talking about the asafoetida pill, asafetida, which is being sold in the market for 1000 rupees, but if you make it at home, then you can make it only 70 rupees kg and if you want to buy it made even then You can buy 100 rupees per kilogram,

Buy Cheap and Asafetida Tablet and Asafoetida Peda from Where:

Friends, although you can get this from your local market too, if you do not want to go anywhere and ask for it at your home, then you can buy it by going through the website of indiamart, it gives you cheap and good products, Now the question of some people is that if it is cheaper than it, then why would not everyone buy from it, then we tell you that you cannot buy a kilo or 2 kg mall from it, you will get at least 15 or 25 from it. Kilo mall has to be purchased which is not needed by every human being, therefore, people who do business and who need it every day, buy from it, so when you do business, you are going to need it every day, so you will need it It will be easier and cheaper to buy from,

Below are some screenshot, in which the mobile numbers of the sellers are also given, you can either buy from them or you can search on yourself and buy from where you like,

  How to do business:

 Friends, as we told you that it sells up to 1000 rupees kg in the market and you only get 100 rupees a kilo, so even if you sell it at half the price from the market, you will still earn a lot of money from it,

Apart from this, if you sell your 15 kg mall every day at the rate of Rs 350, then you will also sell for Rs 350 * 15 = 5250 every day,

In this, 15 kg mall will cost 1500 rupees, it will cost 150 rupees to make packets and the seller will take 1500 rupees, then your total expenditure will be 1500 + 150 + 1500 = 3150.

Your sale will be 5250

Your total profit will be = 5250 - 3150 = Rs. 2100

You don't have to do anything in this,

But if you do it yourself, then you will save 2100 + 1500 = 3600 rupees.

In this way, you can earn from 55000 to 1 lakh rupees every month, that too by starting your business at 4000 to 5000 rupees,

What to do after buying the mall: After this, you can pack 50 grams and 100 grams of these, as well as you can pack 250 grams of cans, note that 50 grams of cartons can get at least 35 rupees from the market. You can also have MRP on your box. Keep 35 and you give this shop to the shopkeeper for 20 rupees, because of this, your mall will also be sold at the rate of 400 rupees per kg and all your expenses will also be removed,

Where to take the cans from:

You will get all kinds of plastic boxes from the plastic market of your city, after that you can print the steakjer of your name which will cost you one rupees, in this way you can pack a kilo mall for Rs 50 to Rs 100. Will cost

Applicable licenses:

food licence (Rs 100)

gst number (Rs 500)

How to get fssai licence, food licence:

Friends fssai, which is called food license, there are 3 types

1. Normal from which you can do business from 12 lakhs to 20 lakhs, you can get it built in just 100 rupees.

2 . State level fssai licence can do business from 20 lakh to 2 crores with this license, you can get this license made for only 5000 rupees,

3. center level fssai license With this license you can do business of more than 2 crores and you can get it built for 7500 rupees,

Our opinion is that first of all, you should only get 100 rupees fssai license,

Below you are told the process of registration,

Steps for FSSAI Registration

Step 1: Food business operators need to register them with the Registration Authority by submitting registering fee of Rs. 100 / - for one year

Step 2: Food service operators after registering are required to fill in the application form 'Form A' with fee of Rs. 100 / -

Step 3: After form submission, applicant shall receive a 14 digit Unique Application Reference Number

Step 4: Within 7 days of form submission, Registering Authority (RA) shall issue the registration certificate or reject the application, depending on their verification and observation

Step 5: Food business operator may start the business once he / she receives approval certificate from the Registering Authority

Step 6: If required, RA may issue notice for inspection and the order shall be given within 7 days

Step 7: Inspection will be done in 30 days and post that Food Business Operator can start the business

Information required to be submitted in the registration form

Name of the applicant, company, address, email address, mobile number, user ID, password and lastly agreeing on the terms of use of Food Licensing & Registration System (FLRS).

FSSAI Registration Eligibility

Food Business Operators with an annual turnover of more than Rs. 12 lakh

Applicants dealing on food products only

SSIs dealing in food business

Food operators manufacturing and selling food products by his / her own

Documents Required for FSSAI Registration

Duly filled and signed application form

Passport-sized photographs

Identity proof of Applicant (Food Business Operator)

Proof of property ownership

Address Proof

Business Address Proof

Rent agreement

Food safety management system plan

List of food items to be used

Certificate of incorporation

Types of FSSAI Licenses

FSSAI License Registration is categorized under three categories as mentioned below:

a) FSSAI Basic Registration

Annual turnover below Rs. 12 lakh for food businesses

b) FSSAI State License

Annual turnover more than Rs. 12 lakh but below Rs. 20 crore for food businesses

c) FSSAI Central License

Annual turnover more than Rs. 20 crore for food businesses

Procedure to get FSSAI License

To obtain FSSAI license, food business operator can visit and fill in all the required details like the name of the business, email ID, mobile number, address, nature of business and pin code . After filling all the details applicant needs to pay the license fee by clicking on 'Validate and Pay'. After clicking on 'Validate and Pay', five tabs will appear with mentioned fees and validity of the certificate. Click on the desired tab and pay the amount to get the FSSAI License online.

How will the sale:

For this, you have to have a salesman, who can do marketing and sales in an area of ​​50 km around you, give it 100 rupees for every kilo, in this way he will also try to sell more and more malls,

Tell him to contact every big shopkeeper and talk about buying your mall, as well as you can keep some gifts for every shopkeeper that you can give them after selling 100 kg mall and keep a lucky draw which You will give once a year to all those shopkeepers who will be able to sell 500 kg mall of the year, this will increase your sales,

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