Why only 5% of people are successful in business? What are the three main reasons for the failure of BUSINESS, why some people earn millions of crores in the same type of business and some become zero?

 Hello friends

Friends, in this post we will talk about a topic which is very important, important and everyone should know,

Because this is the topic that comes in front of you sometime in life and the topic is new business, starting a new job,

In today's time, where unemployment has increased a lot, there is also a lot of opportunity to do business, because the more people you have, the more possibilities you have to understand.

So let's know about the three main reasons due to which mostly, 95% of the people lose everything and the business does not work,


You should know all the things about whatever business you are going to do, if you want to start a business, do not start just by looking at YOUTUBE or by telling someone, if on YOUTUBE or NORMALLY, if any business idea comes to your mind, then know about it completely, in 2 months 4 months you will know, go to the market, see if the business you want to start has a demand or not, if there is a demand, then where But, in which category people are buying it, at what rate is it available in the market, how will you sell it, at the rate it is available in the market, will you be able to give it tucked away, where will the raw mall come from and everything else. you Oughta Know ,

If you do not know even one point, then understand that your chances of being successful are less.


Before starting any business, you must know your financial condition if it takes you 1 year to run the business, do you have enough funds that you can spend a year on labor expenses, raw Goods, rent, or say that it will cost you continuously for a year, are you ready for this, do you have so much fund, what most people do is don't judge the lack of funds first, start BUSINESS by investing all the money, After which they think that if something comes from business, then the expenses will go away. It is not that while starting BUSINESS, keep in mind that almost everyday expenses will be incurred in BUSINESS and it will come sometimes and that too a little bit.

To start a new business, you should have at least 4 times the money you want, the business you want, so that the business will start. Then you think of business.

3. Lack of patience and time:

 It takes time to start any business. After starting a new business, we see a month or 2 months, if it is more, then after three months, just stop your work and there is a loss in the house, so before starting a new business, you must make an assessment that without PROFIT, you When can you stop the talk in this business,

Before starting a new business keep these things in mind:


Is it of daily USE or sometimes USE,


Will you be able to save anything after giving them a good product in the market?

how much is your fund

How many days can you work without profit

How much KNOWLEDGE do you have about this work,

Where to get raw mall

Where will the finished mall be sold?


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