Why crypto market , bitcoin fall | why crypto market going down | Crypto market news

 There are too many reason for Crypto market as well as Bitcoin falling today . We will discuss one by one . First of all we will talking about fear and greed index . 

Fear and Greed index showng that higher saling in market as compare to yesterday ,or last month . Yestardy fear was 30 and today is 33 . This is showing that more people booking their profit . If you have a good memory before 60 days fear index was 70 and that time bitcoin was on $ 17600 . 
After that slowly slowly market recover and  bitcoin reach at $25000 on 14 August 2022. 

Profit booking :
 As you all know that on 19 June 2022 Bitcoin was $17600 and on 14 August 2022 bitcoin was $25000 . If you remind that very high quantity was buy of bitcoin and some other good crypto currency like BNB , ETH , Solana etc. 
If you calculate people who was buy in dip now they was in approximate 50 % profit and more. 

Approximate before 60 days bitcoin was $17600 , BNB was $ 186 And Ethereum was $ 980 . And on 14 August Bitcoin was on $ 25000, Ethereum was on $1980 and BNB was $ 335 . So profit booking is normal . There is no need to panic. 

Weekly Closing : 
As you all know that Future trading is also available in Crypto market as well as bitcoin. So its weekly closing also a big reason behind the bear market. And its not in Crypto market you can see it in Stock market also. 

Govt rule regulation over Crypto :
 We are very scary people , if some govt. minister give some statement about crypto then the first thing is that many people saling there crypto at any price. Recently India's Finance minister said that we are working on our work over crypto and we advise that investor save there fund and this statement coming after ED investigation on Wazirx , bitbns , Vauld and some exchanges. This also a big reasson of heavy saling in crypto market as well as Bitcoin. But we think that its not a situation to panic its market and Up & Down are nature of any market . 

Note : we are not a financial advisor . Its only a informational post . 
We are not giving any advice for sale and buy Crypto. Its 100 % your own decision . 



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