Top 15 country in terms of GDP | Where is pakistan stand | Where is India in GDP | market cap of Apple electronics


United States: $20.89 trillion

China: $14.72 trillion

Japan: $5.06 trillion

Germany: $3.85 trillion

United Kingdom: $2.67 trillion

India: $2.66 trillion

France: $2.63 trillion

Italy: $1.89 trillion

Canada: $1.64 trillion

South Korea: $1.63 trillion

Russia: $1.48 trillion

Brazil: $1.44 trillion

Australia: $1.32 trillion

Spain: $1.28 trillion

Indonesia: $1.05 trillion

Recently World bank declare that India has becomes 5th largest economy in the world. Now only four country are ahead from India Named as US , China , Japan and Germany . 

But here we want to discuss one important topic which is about Apple electronics company . 

If we will talk about apple market cap it is more than India GDP ie apple have 3 trillion $ market cap and total GDP of india is 2.67 trillion $ . 

We hope India become more stronger in future and beat one step next country in the form of GDP and also beat to apple electronics also. 

Do you know one more intresting thing that is Apple market cap is more than GDP of 186 country. 

If we will talk about neighbour pakistan apple electronics market cap is approximate 10 times  more than Pakistan GDP . 

As you know that currently total GDP of pakistan is $292 billion ( Approx ) . And apple Electronics have 3 trillion $ market cap . 

One more intresting thing is that if we add net worth of only two richest person of india ie Gautam adani and Mukesh Ambani than total networth is approximate 257 billion $ . Which is 88 % of total GDP of Pakistan. 


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