Who is selling your time? Who is the one who earns money in exchange of your wasted time? You don't even know and you yourself earn and give crores of rupees every month?


Hello friends

Today in this post, we will talk about a business that earns money by selling people's idle time, that is, when people are sitting idle, for whom they earn, such a business that people do not even know about. And earn crores every month,

Understand with an example, today almost every person's mobile phone gets 1 GB of data daily and gets exhausted and some people get less than 1 GB of data,

So it simply means that you, we and almost everyone spend too much time on mobile, after reading this post you will feel that yes someone is really earning something and a lot from us in our spare time.

When you are on mobile, you go to different websites, different social media according to your interest and spend hours like reading other's posts on Facebook, watching reels on Instagram, watching shorts on Youtube and а lot ,

Now we are telling you the name of a website which is similar to these, almost all of you would know this website and if you do not know then you will know today.

The name of this website is

espncricinfo, this website gives every news related to cricket, gives updates of every match, now you will say what is the big deal in this, many websites give,

Yes, the big thing is not in giving news of cricket, but the big thing is its earning. Yes, when you will hear about the earning of this website, then the ground will slip under your feet.

This website earns 14513000, 1 crore 45 lakh 13 thousand rupees every day,

Isn't it amazing that your free time is being given to someone by earning not lakhs but crores, that too every day.

And we are not giving this data just like that, you can also search this data yourself by visiting the website named worthofweb.com

Now it comes to the point that what is the benefit of this news to you, you can get benefit of crores if you want,

You too, by building such a website, writing news for it every day and doing SEO and search engine optimization in a good way, if not every day, then every week, if not every week, then every month, if not every month, then every year. You can earn crores

It will cost about 50 to 1 lakh to make such a website,

After this, you will have to keep 2 to 3 boys, who will have to learn to write content first, which you will learn by watching the news of the website.

If these 3 boys write 5,5 news every day, then there will be 15 news and post updates on your website every day, you will get the idea of ​​what to write from espncricinfo website only.

SEO, specilist is very much needed to run any website, and even if all the work is done well, it takes at least 6 months to get a good earning,

That's why you go after looking at your budget, in total it will take about 5 to 6 lakh rupees to build and run such a website.

Still, before starting this work, get good knowledge, study, analyze and start only if you understand everything, because in this type of work there is a risk that if you go too far Good and if it doesn't work then there is 100% loss, so think about both the aspects before starting.


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