The kerala story movie -Budget -collection -overview , cast , showtimes , trailers , clips , review -32000 hindu girls converted to islam -terrorist attack

 The Kerala story - a film - a truth - a controversy 

The kerala story movie -Budget -collection -overview , cast , showtimes , trailers , clips , review -32000 hindu girls converted to islam -terrorist attack

The kerala story review and public opinion

The kerala story movie story Friends, it is being told that this film is based on a true incident, in this film it was shown how 32000 Hindu girls of Kerala were mind washed and how they were converted from Hindu to Muslim, how they were converted to Islam. inspired to,

The main role in the film and in the beginning a woman named fatima is caught by the police and they are asking when did you join isi, on this fatima says that when did you join isi it is more important than knowing why did you join,

It is shown in the film that there is a whole terrorist organization which has been shown as a Muslim organization, this terrorist organization does complete planning, it consists of both girls and boys, who were given training on how to convert from Hindu to Muslim, which people be targeted,

It is shown in the kerala story that along with the terrorist organization, there are also some Muslim girls who target Hindu girls and explain them in different ways to convert them, first of all they explain to Hindu girls that if If someone is the most powerful in the world, then it is Allah, there is no existence of the name of God,

First of all, those boys targeted those Hindu boys who did not have much knowledge about their religion, their God, Muslim girl asks Hindu girl to tell about her God, when she speaks the name of Ram, she says What kind of God is there who wandered from door to door crying for his wife, if he was God then why did he need someone's help, who cannot help himself, how will he help others?

Then she asks another girl about Shiva, she says that Shiva is the most powerful, on this the girl associated with the Muslim organization says that no Shiva will protect you, he will cry when his wife dies. kept doing

Further, in The kerala story, some boys molest some girls who went to the market and tore the clothes of those girls, after that Muslim girls associated with ISI explain to them that all this happened because of your dress, wearing a hijab. A girl is never raped because Allah saves them.

Many more things in The kerala story girls related to isi explained to hindu girls and after that those girls decided to become muslim from hindi.

This training was done for the girls of those iss, in addition to this, it was shown in The Kerala story that what was taught to the boys associated with the Muslim organization, they are taught how to trap Hindu girls, which Hindu boys to target. Have to do, in this they are taught to make physical relations with girls, make them pregnant, marry them for appearances, and when you succeed in doing this with one girl, then target the other girl as soon as possible, The kerala It was shown in the story that in this way 32000 girls were converted and after raping them, after accepting Islam, they were given terror training and sent to many different countries.

The kerala story showed how Fatima became Shalini,

The kerala story showed how kerala was becoming or is becoming an islamic state, in the kerala story 7 of the 48 girls shown in the main role are kristen and the rest are hindu girls who were changed to islamic names like shalini to fatima ,

This film The kerala story is becoming popular in the same way as The kashmir files happened, and its story also shows atrocities on Hindus, The kerala story movie being very popular as well as controversy, also seen falling into controversies. Controversy has increased so much that even PM Modi himself has given a statement on this.

Because due to the arrival of The Kerala Story movie, some Muslim youths and some organizations of Kerala got agitated, due to which PM Modi has also given a statement that this film is showing the misdeeds of terrorists and Jihadis, pain or protest is only on this. This is happening to those people who do not think about India even after living in India.

Speaking on the kerala story movie, Congress leader shashi tharoor said that this could be your kerala story, not our kerala story.

At the same time, Kangana Ranaut and many people strongly welcomed this film, once you write The kerala story on Google, you will not get hundreds, but thousands of posts and reviews, type on Twitter #The kerala story, you will get tired of reading. ,

You just write The kerala story movie on youtube, facebook or any social media and then see the public's review

finally we would like to say that no matter which religion you belong to, keep complete knowledge about your religion, your daughters should have as much knowledge about their religion as possible so that the kerala story is not repeated anywhere else, Jai Hind

Now we tell you which actor or actress worked in The Kerala Story and how much was the budget of The Kerala Story.

Adah Sharma as Shalini Unnikrishnan / Fatima Ba.

Yogita Bihani as Nimah.

Sonia Balani as Asifa.

Siddhi Idnani as Geetanjali.

Devadarshini as Shalini's mother.

Vijay krishna.

Pranay Pachauri.

Pranav Mishra.

Director of the Kerala story is Sudipto Sen.

Total budget of The Kerala story movie: 40 Crore

The firstday collection of the kerala story is 8 crore

Second day 2nd day collection of The kerala story is more than 11 crore

Currently The kerala story movie going viral, popular so we think the kerala story also famous and become superhit like the kashmir files. 

The kerala story movie -Budget -collection -overview , cast , showtimes , trailers , clips , review 

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The kerala story movie -Budget -collection -overview , cast , showtimes , trailers , clips , review -32000 hindu girls converted to islam -terrorist attack


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