Bitcoin & Crypto market Update | Top 5 crypto for Bull run | These 5 crypto can change your life

 Bitcoin & Crypto market Update | Top 5 crypto for bull run | These 5 crypto can change your life

Bull run is starting, it is considered almost certain that Bitcoin will be listed in ETF, Bitcoin's halving is also going to happen, if we look at the past records, every 3 years there is a huge boom in the crypto market,

This is all the reason why we can say that a boom is about to come in crypto, so in such a situation, you should make your small investments before it gets late, otherwise you may get late like before, it is believed that this time the boom or There will be a surge that will be bigger and higher than all the others,

In such a situation, there are some cryptos on which you have to keep an eye on and by understanding the risk of crypto in time, you can invest according to your capabilities.

In such a situation, Bitcoin comes first.

No. 1 BITCOIN: Bitcoin is the first crypto currency in the world which told people about crypto currency, explained it to them and attracted people due to its capabilities, Bitcoin started from just a few paise and went up to Rs 58 lakh, even now the price of bitcoin is It is running around 29-30 lakhs, in this bull run it is believed that bitcoin can easily go up to 100000 $ i.e. 80 to 90 lakh rupees and if the expected jump comes then it will go above 1 crore rupees. May go ,

2 . Solana: Solana has its own blockchain which is one of the fastest blockchain in the world, Solana had reached 286 $ in the last bull run, recently the price of Solana is 32 $, it is believed that this time It can touch 500$,

3. Pepe: Pepe is a small crypto but despite being such a small crypto, it is surprising that it suddenly got listed on a big exchange like Binance, still Pepe has given returns of up to 10 x but this time it seems that pepe Can give returns up to 100X,

4. Gala games: Gala Games is a very famous, famous crypto currency, it relates to gaming, many of its games of Gala Games are already available on mobile, Gala Games has come up to Rs 65 earlier also and this time now When we are writing this post, its price is 1 rupee 50 paise but it is expected that this time it will touch 100 rupees and will give 50 to 100 times return to the investors.

5. BNB & Chainlink: We have placed BNB and Chainlink at number five because both are very good and big projects which have the potential to give you returns ranging from 10X to 20X in the upcoming bull run.


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