F15 Ex vs Rafale , Which one is better for India , MRFA deel india 114 Fighter Jet

RaFale vs F15EX fighter Jet 

comparision Between F15ex vs Rafale 

#rafaleVsF15ex #Rafle #F15ex #fighterjet


TypeMultirole fighter jetMultirole fighter jet
ManufacturerDassault Aviation (France)Boeing (United States)
Length15.3 m (50 ft 2 in)16.94 m (55 ft 7 in)
Wingspan10.9 m (35 ft 9 in)13.05 m (42 ft 10 in)
Height5.21 m (17 ft 1 in)4.94 m (16 ft 3 in)
Empty weight9.1 tonnes (20,062 lb)14.3 tonnes (31,547 lb)
Max takeoff weight24.5 tonnes (54,013 lb)37 tonnes (81,570 lb)
EngineTwo Snecma M88 afterburning turbofan enginesTwo GE F110-GE-129 afterburning turbofan engines
Max speedMach 1.8 (2,125 km/h, 1,320 mph)Mach 2.5+ (3,000+ km/h, 1,860+ mph)
Combat range3,700 km (2,300 mi) with external fuel tanks2,990 km (1,858 mi) with external fuel tanks
RadarThales RBE2 AESA radarAPG-82(V)1 AESA radar
ArmamentWide variety of air-to-air and air-to-surface missiles, bombs, and cannonsWide variety of air-to-air and air-to-surface missiles, bombs, and cannons
Cost per unit~$250 million~$87 million (estimated)

#rafaleVsF15ex #Rafle #F15ex #fighterjet

Key Differences:

  • Size and Weight: The F-15EX is larger and heavier than the Rafale, offering a higher payload capacity but also sacrificing some maneuverability.
  • Speed: The F-15EX has a higher potential top speed, but the Rafale is still very fast.
  • Combat Range: The Rafale has a longer combat range with external fuel tanks.
  • Cost: The F-15EX is currently estimated to be significantly cheaper per unit than the Rafale.

#rafaleVsF15ex #Rafle #F15ex #fighterjet

It's important to note that:

  • These are just some of the key features, and both jets have many other capabilities and specifications.
  • The "better" jet ultimately depends on the specific needs and priorities of the air force considering them.

  1. Focus on specific criteria: Instead of a general ranking, consider which aspects are most important to you, such as:

    • Cost: F-15EX is currently estimated to be cheaper.
    • Maneuverability: Rafale may have an advantage due to its lighter weight.
    • Payload capacity: F-15EX can carry more weapons and equipment.
    • Combat range: Rafale has a longer range with external fuel tanks.
    • Operational record: F-15 has a longer combat history, while Rafale has seen recent action.

#rafaleVsF15ex #Rafle #F15ex #fighterjet 


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