Hello friends today I will tell you in this post how the world has changed, yes, I am talking about the thing that you use daily and you use everyday and without which you probably can not live anymore. Yes, I am talking about how the world of the internet has changed the world of the Internet. No person is unknown to him. Yes, the internet that you must have seen four to five years ago since its How did the speed come after it came in 3G, Airtel Idea 3G in 3G You will also know the rate of 1GB, if you get the same amount of ₹ 253, let me tell you that 455 and some 500 like this from some kind of recharge like this In the meantime, Tata Indicom also came in Tata DOCOMO also gave a very good plan, but from that time but came later, the master of all these, yes I am talking about Reliance Jiao's first Yes, Reliance Jiao. The world of the Internet has changed, all I hope is that all of you are using SIM of the same. Most people are using the same SIM today and it is the fastest growing company in the world of Internet or telecom market. Reliance Jio is a customer of Reliance Jiao who has been in Airtel for 6 to 7 years or 10 years, as much as Reliance Jiao had added in 6 months,

Yes, Airtel and the rest of the company have taken many years to build so much more customer base, as Reliance Jiao made in 6 months, the reason why you know all is yes, as Reliance Jio came into the startup Everything was free for 6 months, after that the internet was free and 4G was very free and despite the good speed it was absolutely free and there was a lot of service like this. There was no one who did not even have it today. Yes, therefore, Reliance Jio is in the market today. You will know that this time this time the result has come to be the first company to earn 10,000 crore, which is the first company in India So friends, what is the reason for this. I tell you that in the first post in this post also it has been released for 6 months. After that, after the release of it, the recharge which is still the best Nearly all other SIMs will get you the recharge of 399, but after that what happens if you lose any data, then the data gets over but in Reliance Jiao it is not so if you know which data you get It's got around one and half GB, but even if it gets over, you get the data in low speed, yes even if you do not shut down, even if you know that If your pack is finished then you can call Reliance Jiao from Reliance Jiao. It is not in any other company. Secondly, I tell you which is the most strange and I am going to talk about the country. The biggest company is the government company why this company is deficit,

Friends, I am talking about the loss of the government company BSNL every now and then, you will also be aware that the government had given it 200,000 crores as subsidy ₹ 200,000 such large amounts to any private company If you find another organization, then start such a business again, but this company is losing every time what is the secret behind it, there is only one rule behind it, Government and Private That's the job. Yes, the friends, you know the difference, if you do government jobs or someone else, I am not talking about everyone but the maximum people are in big companies such as BSNL If not, then all the people are sitting there comfortably. If no one is getting any service, then they do not matter because their salaries come every month in their account. It does not happen but in private companies, you are targeted in the private company. Your job is seen. If your work is not good then your salaries are stopped but in government companies it is not possible to tell you the salary of the government companies There is also a ₹ of employees up to 100000, the person who gives more productivity to the same job gets a private job, let me tell you that ₹ 25 More work than 000, in a private job,

 Now, I tell you, to prevent Reliance Jiao, along with which companies did the company recharge? ₹ 253, he has also removed 299 recharge, the second one to stop Reliance Jiao The big company joined hands with a foreign company but it also failed, though not a customer base is too big but any vendor failed to stop Reliance Fail to stop Ni, the loss of Airtel's loss of 25,000 was told that the loss was so much in the amount of losses in a quarter. Friends, firstly, these companies used to say that we are being harmed. Despite selling 1GB of 253, they would be damaged But today the same data is benefited even when selling 1 parasite parasite, so why is it so that it is today that in today's market it is that Reliance Jio is present. Now to see that what has changed from the arrival of Reliance Jiao, you have changed your life. You have given the Internet without any internet on the mobile. You have given the game on mobile. You can give many things on mobile Which you have not seen before If you had difficulty with the internet before that the internet would be over, then now such a problem does not end but it does not happen so soon,

 Friends, this game that was playing with all the companies was plundering you, it has stopped since the arrival of Reliance Jiao and they have to suffer a lot, you have gained a lot of money because the data you have in 1 month You used to spend 1GB on a day and a half and a half days without any tension, you are ₹ 399 3 months on the day after which you do not have any tension. Use as much data as you wish. Sage send much will have a limit, you do not call me if you have any problem is hardly happens and then half a GB of data use can not use the thing you get so much,

Friends now talk a little bit about the government company BSNL. Why BSNL is the reason why BSNL's failure has told me the government job because government servants do not work as much. I am not talking about all but the maximum people There are such companies that do not work or do not want to work, if the big officers leave the looseness, then the small officers and the more trouble Do not pay attention to the problems of the public, let me tell you that the same work which does not carry 200,000 people here, the same work is done in other private companies 25 ₹ 25,000 people give more productivity than the productivity government The job is as much as you do not give in the government job of 200,000, so what is the main reason for you guys to decide what the main job was that is here in government companies That BSNL is the largest network in which it has the broadband connection, but in spite of this, why is it so why it is not working hard and the private company is doing it too much hard work. And their performance looks like they get ahead of the same thing. Everything is not so in government, which is a fix once in the government The same happens to some people, people will feel nonsense in this post, but some people will find it good to post that Reliance Jiao is using Reliance Jiao and the network of Reliance Jiao is increasing, despite the Reliance Jio The customers are also growing and in some places but I believe that the speed of Le Xo is not good as I live in Yamunanagar Yes, yes guys Yamuna Nagar and Saharanpur have no special speed of Reliance Jio. The rest of the company is good here but the speed of Reliance Jiao is not good here, so I have also told in this post that where the speed of the key is good, everywhere else All the company's speed is good but if you talk about Reliance Jiao, the speed in the village is very good but friendship is good at Yamunanagar Saharanpur. I have made a number of calls to the customer care but it is of no avail. You are also asking people. Your city is also facing similar problem, so share the post as much as possible. Do not forget to write the name of your city. Do not forget that you are having trouble, write everything in commissions and share the post as much as you can share the post. That the posts reach the Chairman of Reliance, and we want that the post arrives and you are also in a difficult situation as soon as possible.


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