After all, what is the fault of common people? A question to you ,?

Hello friends ......
Friends, in this post today, I am not going to tell you anything but I am going to ask you something and believe it is going to be very interesting,
Friends, today I am going to ask you about that for which you are also engaged in the line,
Some of you had changed your mobile too, now you must have understood, what I am talking about,
Yes Friends, I am talking about Reliance Jio,
Reliance Jio was launched about 5 years from now, on 5 September 2014, or was it available to you in the market,

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How many of you, who did not initially line up to buy Reliance Jio's SIM or to pick it up, and at that time there was a line to be installed because there are so many benefits, benefits and above all free line. No friend
, Now comes the time to change the phone at the time when Jio's SIM came in the market, at that time only 3G phone used to run in most of the market, because 4G was not with us and the companies whether it is Airtel, Idea, or Vodafone. Everyone was robbed a lot because there was no one to compete, if you will have to pay 253 rupees for 1GB data, if you want, Airtel, Idea, Vodafone's year 2014, 2015, and 2014 Get out on the net profit of the Tambar and Take out was what you see make these companies are from people like us,

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It is a simple matter that the data that was received at that time was 25GB in 253, the data is available at 1.5 rupees for 1 rupee today, along with calling and message free, at that time if we have this much data or calling and message all If we used something, we would get 10000 or more bills for a month, which is now Rs.133 a month.
And you had to spend 10 to 15 thousand a month for the service we received and you got the service of Reliance Jio, then you would get all that service,
But now we come to the issue for which this post has been written, Where is the service today, I ask you, do you still get the same old speed of Reliance Jio, is the voice quality the same as before, I know 4 percent of you would not answer,
Now one more interesting thing, if you talk to the customer care of Reliance, then many times you accidentally say that there is no network there, so man, when the network was started, where was the network, where did it go now, sometimes they say The customer base is increasing, so the speed has been worked, or if the customer base is after, then it is not increasing for free, now your recharge is also equal to other companies.

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It was a matter of all other companies that earlier they used to give very good speed when they used to charge 253, 249 and 245 rupees for 1GB, but now only cheating in the name of 4G,
Yes, I agree that we have already spent on people, but man, what was the speed that was earlier, then for the same speed, we all left companies like Airtel, Idea and Vodafone and came to you, so what now?
Did the greed just show the good speed and service to us?
So friends, the question is, do you get the same speed as Reliance Jio?
If yes, it is very good, but I know most people do not have any difficulty in getting work, I live in Yamunanagar, Haryana and I work in Saharanpur Uttar Pradesh. Reliance Jio's network is absolutely zero in both these places,
Now I will make a request to the people, if you are having a similar problem, you are also being forced to use the same 2G speed after giving all the money, then your city or your place under this post Write the name of and share as much as possible so that this post can reach any big Reliance officer or Mr. Mukesh Ambani and solve your problem,
I had this way, this problem will help you share all the people ahead,

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After all, what is the fault of common people? A question to you ,?


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