How to know that you are in love with someone , these 7 symbol will helps you to know better .

Hello friends , 
love is a very beautiful feeling in our life , these are the feelings with these we can do any thing or think so .

Love is the feeling for someone special which is attracting us more than any thing . 
if you have love in life you can face every problem in your life , because you feel your love with yourself at every moments.

Dear friend love is the topic which have no end , so i am directly come to the point. 

So the main point is that how to know about love, we are in love with someone , what are the things and symbol to know the answer of this question .
so there are 7 most important symbol which will help you to tell you that you are in love or not . 

1. If you miss someone special only that you hear a love song , then understand dear you have fallen in love , that's why you enjoy the love song more than before .

2. If he/ she is absent you don't feel better , you think you are incomplete without his/ her . And you want that particular person every time with you.

3. If every time your mind starts do things only that which will give him happiness , you don't want to do anything which will not like him , then think that dear you are in love .

4. If you get into an argument with him and start getting angry with yourself , then you understand that you have fallen in love dear,

5. you also get sad wen he/ she get sad , and you just keep thinking how to make him happy always, and you start some small things or activity which you did't do before ,

6. If you just like romantic song, poetry and love song ,images . if you watching his/her photo with a smile , when he or she not with you .

7. If you fight with anyone for that , then understand that you have fallen in love with them . 



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