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  Today in this post, I will tell you 20 work related to the domestic women who can start from their home and earn a lot of money then let's start.

1. Yoga classes;

rahul rana

Start the work of giving Yoga information and training
Can be done easily at a large room, hall, or home
Investment is not needed,
This work can be started in free,

2. beauty Parlour :

Beauty tips should be basic information of make-up,
It requires a 10 to 15 thousand investment

3. Cooking Classes:

This business should have knowledge of cooking and eating a variety of dishes,
Investment is not needed to start this business, which means that it can be started in Business Free,

4. Tiffin service:

This business is running very fast today
You can start this by putting only Rs. 5000
In this, your earnings will depend on your marketing,

Today, according to the life style of the clothing stock,
Cloth Stitching, Embroidery, and Interlocking,
All types of design should come,

6. Papad Business:

Papad work
Can only start from 5 thousand
Earn up to 10 to 20 thousand of the month

7. Saree business

 Can buy a sale of video
50000 starts business,
The income is 40 to 50 percent or more

8: Play School Business:
Breeding 2.5 to 3 year olds
This business requires 10 million plus license as well
Income is very good in it

9. Mehndi Service

Work of applying henna by visiting marriage, party, or function
It can be started in Business Free
To have this business, knowledge should be learned.

10. Booky Business:

Buccaneer Buccaneer Business
Can be started with an investment of 5000
You need good marketing for this

11. Artificial Jewelery Business:

This is a very profitable business
It requires 15 to 20 thousand to walk very well

12. Dance Classes:

If you know good dance, then this business will give you the job of your choice.
This will give you both money and certification

13. Homemade Envelope Business:

Selling an envelope at home
Can be started with an investment of 5000
Earnings up to 10 thousand per month can be made,

14. Blouse Designer Business:

Designing new types of blouses, and working for female tailors
For this business you will need a sewing machine and 5000 investment,

15. Coaching or Tution Classes:

Task of giving coaching or tossing to children
For this business, you will need furniture, boards etc. whose total expenditure will be up to 25000, income will depend on your reading methods and the number of children.

16. Flour Mill Business:

 Grinding of wheat, rice, maize and all kinds of spices
This requires electricity connection and license
You will need to invest 50 thousand to 100000 for this business

17. Cake & Pastry Business:

Make cake and pastries from home and supply them in the market
5000 investment is needed
Earnings will depend on your hard work

18. Screen printing business;

You will need to invest up to 25000 for this business
In this business you can print wedding cards, visiting cards and other similar material

19. Dona Flat Business:

You can do this business in both ways
Buy your own machine and sell it by yourself
Or from the market to the wholesale sold in retail

How do the two friends feel about the information given by us, if we tell you, if you liked one of the given work, by giving a comment, please tell me that you liked something good

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