how to start work from home, 17 work or business which you can start from home , YOU CAN START FROM TODAY

Hello friends ......
                 In today's post, I will tell you how to start from the village. 17. The easiest and business to run in the village, which you can start in your village and earn a good amount of money, then friends start,

1. Grocery Stores:
The grocery store's business is the best business to walk in the village. You can start it in any village, you get 20 to 30% percent profit,
Only 20 to 50 thousand can be started,
Earnings can range from 20 to 30 thousand,
There is no special skill or need for this,

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2. Fancy stores, or Sohag stores:
      Friends, this business can do anything to you, this is the best start and business start business; profit is also very high,
Can be started in 20 to 30 thousand,
Earning 20 to 30 thousand rupees per month can be made,
It remains in demand or demand everywhere,

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3. Flour Mill Business:
                        Start flour business of flour mill You can get wheat flour, rice, spices, etc. in flour mill business,
The business of flour mill can be started in 20 to 30 thousand rupees,
Electricity connections and licenses are needed,

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4. Rice mill business: rice extraction machine (speller)
 You can do part-time work with any work of rice extraction machine or rice,
In order to apply rice mill, work requires 50 thousand work,
You can earn from 20 to 25 rupees a month, depending on your area,
It also requires licenses and electricity connections,

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5. Salon haircut, Nike shop;
                   It's a good job to start with money, to do this busini, let's know the cutting and designing of hair as well as the beauty tips,
Can start with 20 thousand investment,
Earnings go up to 20 to 25 thousand per month,
Along with this business, beauty parlor can also open,

Image result for hair cutting saloon

6. Screen Printing Business, (Wedding Card, Printing of Business Card etc.)

  The printing work of wedding cards, invitation cards, T-shirts printing, visiting card polythene bag etc. is very fruitful,
Starting from 5 to 10 thousand rupees,
 Hard working (very hard work) and marketing are needed,

Image result for printing businessImage result for printing business

7. Sound Service:
    Buying a sound system allows him to hire a business,
 60 to 80 thousand rupees can be started from the investment
This business can be done in the form of part time or side business,

Image result for sound service images

8. Photocopying and Stationery Shop:
Many villages still do not have a photocopy machine, you can start photo copy and stationery shop,
You can start this work from 50 thousand to 1 million
Earnings can be up to 20 thousand per month,

Image result for photocopy and stationery shop image

9. Recharge Point:
Mobile recharge, dish recharge, etc. work very well in the village
Starts with a minimum investment of 20 thousand
Earnings go from 10 to 20 thousand every month
Along with this, you can also sell this SIM card and cheap price,

Image result for mobile recharge\ shop image

10. Bicycle Store:
  Bicycle & Motorcycle Parts & Repairing Business
Starts from 20 to 25 thousand,
Earnings will depend on the population of your village,

Image result for cycle and bike repairing shop

11. Vegetable Shop:

 This business is the easiest and flame cost business
You can start it at the cost of 5000,
There is also advantage in 30 to 40 percent,
Demand is maintained at all times,

Image result for vegetable  shop image

12. Tea & Breakfast Stores:

    This business is quite a profitable business
Its demand also remains unchanged
Can be started in less money,
The advantage is too much,

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13. Chat Center:
 In this business you will need a moving walk,
This business can be done in the form of part time or side business,
Earnings can be up to 20 to 25 thousand per month,
Choose a good place to link your beard or jamming like school etc.,

Image result for chat ka thela

14. Clothing store:

 Clothing demand remains throughout the year,
Profit in this business is more than 50 percent,
Starting from 50 thousand,
To do this business, have a good knowledge of clothing and clothing market,

Image result for kapde ki dukan

15. Shoe, Slippers Store:

           Friends, this is also a very good and business-based business all year long
You can start at a minimum of 50 thousand rupees,
The advantage in this is 30 to 50 percent,
Every month you can earn 15 to 20 thousand rupees,

Image result for jute chappal ki dukan

16. Taylor's Business:
 It is necessary to have a good knowledge of cloth
Can be started with an investment of 20 thousand,
Business can be started from home or shop,

Image result for tailors business

17. Money transfer business;
If your village or town is near a city, then this business is good enough,
For this, you need a current account and a permit from the bank.
You can earn up to 10 to 50 thousand rupees per month,

Image result for money transfer image

Friends, these 17 different business information that you can start from your village, friends can tell you this information from us,

I'll get you in the next post ....
Goodbye until then .

Thanks ....

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