फेसबुक और रिलायंस जिओ ने मिलकर दी दुनिया भर को चुनौती, Facebook and Reliance Jio jointly challenge the world, Jio Mart Pre Registration Process

Facebook-Jio deal brings cheers to Indian industry .

Facebook-Jio deal brings cheers to Indian industry in grim times ...

Hello friends, today we will tell you how Reliance Facebook deal can become a profitable deal for you too

Friends, you will know why this deal has happened between Reliance's Mukesh Ambani and Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg, and what is the public benefit from this deal, and first of all what is the benefit of these two big companies,

Friends, as you know, Facebook has the largest network in the world, out of which only 300 million users are from Facebook in India, then WhatsApp which is Facebook's app, also has about 400 million users in India. Is, and then Instagram, which is a product of Facebook, also has a data base of about 8 crore people, friends, it means to say that they have the largest data base in the world,

Jio Mart Is Now Available On WhatsApp In Mumbai Suburbs, Brings ...  Jio Mart Is Now Available On WhatsApp In Mumbai Suburbs, Brings ...

Now it comes to Reliance Jio's friends, when Jio was launched about 4 years ago, it gave 4G data and call everything free for 1 year, due to which more than half of the population of India got in line to take Reliance Jio's SIM. Go, and tell you that Reliance has created many world records just by looking at it and today Reliance has become the number 1 telecom company of Jio India with 400 million users, they also have a huge data base,

Now the reason to tell you all this is that these two companies want to do a lot of things together, which have become very easy to meet together and become an open challenge for many big companies, as well Great news for all of us too

जिओ मार्ट क्या है "देश की नई दुकान ...  What is Jio Mart "The country's new store ...

Reliance Jio is going to open its grocery store in every major town in every city, which currently runs only in Mumbai, called Jio Mart.

The opening of which will make life easier for you, everything will be available for you in Jio Mart like all other mart

And you will be able to order them online through whatsapp, as well as you will be able to pay them through whatsapp, because till now Facebook was facing many legal problems in launching whatsapp pay, because now Facebook deals with Reliance Jio Has been done and now it fulfills all the laws of India, due to this you will soon get to see whatsapp pay too officially and you will be able to use it easily, and on Whatsapp Pay As is challenged directly attribute to many large companies Facebook and Reliance, Fonpe, Google Pay, Paytm, Finno payment Bank, Airtel Pay etc.

Now tell you why this deal is beneficial for you, because Reliance has started connecting all the big and small merchants with them and now it will compete directly with Amazon, Flipkart, Walmart, and as many online Along with offline stores like VMART, Vishal Mega Mart, etc., etc.

And friends, you must be aware that in whatever field Reliance puts its hand, it only runs, for this you can take the example of the telecom industry,

Friends Reliance Jio will get huge benefit of Facebook's data base and its own data base in this field, as well as their own advertisement will also be free on Facebook, Facebook's data base is so big that they can show their ad to whomever they want. ,

Friends, Reliance has started its mart just like Reliance Jio, just like Reliance had given everything free for one year while launching the SIM of Jio, in the same way, Reliance registered an extra 3000 for those who register on their Jio Mart. Given the discount, more and more people from India will join them and the other companies will keep looking at them, and soon they will get to see you in their city. Ga,

JioMart launched: Here's how to register on e-Store | Deccan Herald  JioMart launched: Here's how to register on e-Store | 

So friends, this was the biggest deal of Reliance Jio and Facebook, after which Facebook has become the largest shareholder of Reliance, and only after this deal, Mukesh Ambani has once again become the most common man of Asia and he has made a living Mother is left behind,

Jio Mart Business Opportunities For Online And Local Seller
Jio Mart Business Opportunities For Online And Local Seller

Friends, if you want to register at Reliance Jio Mart, then you can register by clicking on the link given below.


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