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Friends, in this post today, we will tell you how you can do Mobile Repairing through a small investment or a fee, after which you can open a Mobile Repairing Shop, open a Mobile Repairing Institute or Mobile Repairing Work at your shop means you can get a job easily,

Friends big companies like SAMSUNG MOBILE, SAMSUNG ELECTRONICS, APPLE, ONE PLUS, REALME, MI, XIAOMI, OPPO, ASUS, POCO, MOTOROLA, MICROMAX, etc. There is a lot of companies in the market and a lot of companies coming into the market,

mobile repairing

All these companies do the business of trillions of rupees every year, all these companies make and sell mobiles, we all know that today 90 percent of people have Smartphone,

Today a 12 - 14-year-old child also owns a smartphone, and recently due to the epidemic, schools started studying online, due to which those who did not have a smartphone were also forced to take a smartphone, this is to say that Every household has more smartphones and most of the people have smartphones,


Now you understand that when the company mentioned above becomes so mobile and sells every year, every person has a smartphone today, then these smartphones are also bad,

This is the thing for you and our work,

Let me tell you that many big shops of Mobile Repairing have opened in big cities, you will find one or two mobile repairing shops in every city, on which 20 to 25 boys work,

Mobile Repairing Institute has opened up to teach Mobile Repairing in big cities, this is a work that is increasing day by day and the work of Mobile Repairing is a work that will never end, nor will it ever be lost. ,

After learning mobile repairing, if you start a shop, then from this you will earn 10 to 15 thousand rupees every month, but if you have Rs 2 to 3 lakhs, then you open your own mobile repairing and mobile accessories shop. Can you

The total expenses including the goods of your shop will be more than 2 lakh rupees, in which your mobile repairing machines will also come and your mobile accessories will also come.

Initially, you will have to keep a little marketing and some patience, this work takes 6 months to run properly, you should keep so much backup that you do not come in any tension for 6 months,

After this, you will see that you will earn at least 3 to 5 thousand rupees every day from the work of Mobile Repairing alone,

As well as mobile accessories, you will earn at least 500 to 1000 rupees every day.

In this way you will earn at least 5000 to 6000 rupees every day from mobile repairing and mobile accessories, which is 150000 to 180000 of the month,

Now you can tell if there is a business in your eyes that can earn 2 lakh or more every month by applying Rs. 2,3 lakh, friends, if you like the information posted or given, then subscribe to this blog above button Click and subscribe and follow us,

Next, we will tell you about some Mobile Repairing Institute from where you can easily learn the work of mobile repairing.

For this, click on the link given below

mobile repairing institute in India



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