If you want to buy a sim card again ,which one you should buy and why ? out of Reliance Jio, Airtel and Vodaphone Idea

 If you want to buy a sim card again ,which one you should buy and why ?

according to personal survey we have found some quality and some thing that is not good for anyone , 

First of all we are talking about Reliance jio , because at present time its a biggest subscriber base or you can say its a biggest telecom company in India , 

No one forgot that when Reliance has entering in this sector there was many free offer to customer and approximately 9 month it was free for everyone and in all segment like unlimited calling , unlimited data , 

But at that time Reliance jio was no.1 in real , but now ? 

Reliance jio charging same amount as other company charged for their service. 

So we are Indian and its time to choose better ,

So In the field of calling or voice quality Reliance jio also at no.1 , you can feel this when you change own number to other company like Vodaphone idea , Now here is a point that why i am taking Vodaphone idea in compression of voice quality when are talking someone with your Vodaphone Idea network there are many problem which you will face , as voice break , call disconnected , noisy Voice, etc. 

or you can say If are talking about voice quality then Reliance jio is best and next is Airtel on second no. and Vodaphone idea come on last or third no. out of these three telecom company.

No we are talking about data speed which is more valuable in present time , Airtel and Reliance Jio both are providing speed like 2G or less.

Here Vodaphone Idea providing you best internet speed out of these three biggest telecom company in India. 

and one more thing which is more beneficial to you if you are a youtuber or need more data then Vodaphone idea provide you Free data and highest speed from night 12:00 am to 6:00 pm . and in these 6 hour their is no charge and no limit as this is my personal experience .

If I talking about my self I have reliance Jio sim card from last 3 year , But from last 1 year I am facing problem of internet speed as you know that i am a youtuber also , so I need internet speed at any time. 

then I thought that may be Airtel will provide me better internet speed than Reliance Jio . So I purchased a new Airtel sim card but when I use internet on Airtel , I feel that i was totally wrong. 

Now finally a single option and it was Vodaphone Idea , So i purchased that one too , but now i am using fastest internet speed . and taking free data benefits too.

Friends this data or information may vary in other city or area , Here I am talking about City Yamunanagar ,Haryana,


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