Why Not privatization in bank ,railway and different Government sector. If you want relax than.....

 Then say do not do privatization, 

Friends, today our topic will be liked 100 percent by you, because this topic is about the people related to every common person and what would be the attitude of the governmental organization or government man in dealing with them in solve, settlement You have to see, and what problems you have to face, to overcome any problem in your problem, the biggest thing is that if the same problem, problem is solved in other places i.e. in private sector, 

First of all, let's talk about who you are and what you want, the only simple answer is that you are a common man, whose routine is very busy, and you should settle your work or problem as soon as possible. , That is, overall you want a better service, 

On this, we will tell you about some such sectors and will tell you whether you will remember any such thing with you, that is, this post is only for you and every person who is upset about this. Is that he does not get service on time, 

First of all, let's talk about BANKING SECTOR, due to which Banco had still gone on strike, 

Friends, first of all I would like to tell you about one of my problems which is going on now and I have been circling it in the banks for the last one month, and due to this problem, I noticed that if this work is private Had it been in the bank, when would it have happened, 

These posts you are reading have a small income, which is very important to run life in this era of inflation, 

Right now the merger of the banks was done, many banks were merged with other big banks, due to which their ifsc code and the rest of the details changed, due to which our little payment was to be stuck, the sender sent and its receipt All the details were also given to us, 

With all those details, it has been a month for us to revolve around the banks, but there is no solution so far, if the same work was done in private banks like HDFC, ICICI, AXIS etc. then the maximum would be resolved in 2 to 3 days, my bank The people have also told that they have said the payment but despite this they are unable to do anything, 

Apart from this, we talk about the country's largest bank SBI i.e. STATE BANK OF INDIA, friends, you must have remembered something at the time of hearing the name of this bank, if your account is in this bank, then you must face all these problems. You must have done this, then the bank employees talk to you in the same way as if you have come across a crime, 100 questions are asked to take your own money, and if you ask about a different service So, just as you are their biggest enemy, you are seen in this way, in the same way in the rest of the government banks, all this is because they have very high salary and the biggest thing is the fix, A bank employee does a salary of 20 thousand and does better, the same work is not done by the government even with a salary of 50 thousand or more, because he knows whether his job is fixed or not, his salary is to come. ,

Railway comes in second place:

Friends, you must have seen many times that you are lined up on the ticket window, crowded enough to take a ticket and sitting in front of madam or sir is counting their money, or is maintaining their record, towards them. If you leave your train then leave, but they will finish all their money and work on duty right now so that they do not have to stop for 5, 10 minutes for this work after duty, and their salary would be 40000, 50000. It is, the same people are doing even 10 to 12 thousand people in the metro, and you cannot even speak anything at the railway window because the RPF, railway policemen are standing in front of you. You already know, 

Apart from this, you have reserved a seat, your seat is not confirmed. TTE sir will come again and again to speak to you, go to the gernal coach, brother has given the reservation with reservation, at least near the toilet, let me sit on the floor below. 

Apart from this, a wonderful thing if for some reason you climb into the train without a ticket, while it should not be done but you have some helplessness, for some reason you were a bit late and you could not take the ticket, then TTE sir first straight slip We will tell you that at least 500 slips will be made and later you will take 200 to 25, tomorrow it is neither they give anything to you nor to the government, 

Apart from this, you take the electricity department, take your bsnl, 

Where all these sectors are in private, then they are increasing every year and the government sector goes into losses every year, because their employees do not work properly,

That is why we all say that privatization should be done, because it will be our, your and everyone's work on time, will get better service, and the employees who show their eyes today will talk to the tamees as private ones do, 

Friends, if you have felt anything bad in this post, then we apologize to you, but the truth is you also have to know, if you like the post, then share it, and do give your comments, we know whatever government employees or government banks. If you read, they will feel bad, but sir, madam we feel the same thing every time,  


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