BUSINESS 1 LAKH PER MONTH EARNING. 4 such paths, such work from which anyone can earn one lakh rupees a month.

 What do we have to do to earn one lakh rupees every month?

Hello friends ...

Friends, it is very easy to earn money in today's time, where on one side, for a job of 10 to 15 thousand, BOSS listens to it whenever it wants, and it is your compulsion to listen to it because you have to do a job, And this is not only with you but this is the compulsion of most and more than 60 percent of the people,

On the other hand, there are some people who are earning lakhs of rupees every month sitting at home, that too without doing any hard work.

Now we tell you the ways and works by which you will be able to earn one lakh rupees and more every month in less effort,

It is said by many people that invest so much in the share market that you get a good dividend every year, which if you calculate according to the month, then it will become 1 lakh rupees, I know you do not have such a big investment that you Could do this because if it were like this then you would not be reading this POST,

1. Now let us move towards some such work which you can start from your home with your hard work, that too without money.

They come in YOUTUBE CHANNEL, BLOGGING, but before starting these two, you must know about them, those people who do not know about them, they have ruined their life behind them, so before starting you should know about them. Let me know well, how to write post, how to design image, how to write title, how to ADD KEYWORD etc. Similarly, on YOU TUBE, you are starting a video on a topic, you are starting by decking someone's content or you yourself know everything about that topic, if you know everything about that topic Only then start

2 . MLM COMPANY : People consider MLM to be wrong but it is not so wrong, their company election, most of the company lures people by luring more RETURN in the market, and new people get into their affair, then after a few days this company market disappears from you and you lose your trust in MLM,

On the other hand, if you hold a good company on the product basis, then you will continue to earn LIFE time and your earning can be more than one lakh,

For example, there are many big companies like vestige, RCM, modi care, which have been in the market for a long time and are selling their goods through MLM, NETWORKING,

If you are a JOIN in them then you have to do one thing, all the workers you want to make, make all the people with jobs, because every month the goods come to the house of these people on the FIX date when their SALARY comes then, you will get this Efforts have to be made that every month you have to make at least 15 people members who are going to do jobs,

Now you will see in a year that you will add about 180 people, if every month a ration of 3000 also comes to their house, which is the minimum, so much ration seems to be available at everyone's house,

Now here 180 X 3000 = 540000

Even if you get 10% from direct, you will start getting Rs 54000 in the first year, apart from this, you should explain the income plan to these people so that your team grows and you have MULTI-LEVEL income,

You continue your work, you have to add only 350 such people who do jobs, just one lakh will start coming to you,

3. TECHNOLOGY: Build one such SOFTWARE, one such website, one such APP, and launch it in the market which will be useful to the people, it can be of many types.

Like RELATED from EDUCATION, which people see as soon as they see it. Like someone gives job updates, etc.

Any such AAP or website that gives you tips for health, tells whether eating will increase fat and what eating will reduce obesity, how to exercise, what you should do to stay fit, what to eat according to age should what not,

You will be surprised to know that there are many websites and apps that earn crores of rupees every month.

4. Friends, in LAST, we tell you a way which is different from all of these, that is to take the franchise of a company related to a stock mark, share mark or to become a partner, to become a partner you do not need much investment of any kind, you You can also do this with the work you are doing, you have to tell the people the benefits of stock marketing and tell that even your small investment in long term can give a lot of returns,

Here most of the company gives ACCOUNT for free, you become a partner of such a company and open the account of as many people as possible every month, this will give you something from the company's side to open the ACCOUNT, and after that if you are very You work hard and in a year you also open 300 ACCOUNT, out of which only 50% of the people buy and sell shares and also give at least 1000 rupees of BROKERAGE to the company, even then you will get 50% share from here. Which will be your 75000 rupees per month,

Otherwise, the more you work, the more money you will get.

BUSINESS 1 LAKH PER MONTH EARNING. 4 such paths, such work from which anyone can earn one lakh rupees a month.


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