How to lose weight fast- How to lose weight -how to reduce bally fat-diet plan for weight lose-yoga for weight lose

How to lose weight fast- How to lose weight -how to reduce bally fat-diet plan for weight lose-yoga for weight lose


How to lose weight fast

11 tips to help you lose weight easily

1 , don’t skip breakfast

2 , Eat regular meals

3 , ,Eat plenty of fruit and vegetable

4, Get more active

5, Drink plenty of water

6,  Eat high Fiber foods

7 , Read food labels

8, use small plate

9, Do not ban foods

10, cut down on alcohol

11 , Plan your meals


1 , Don’t Skip Breakfast :

Health and Fitness Expert says that skipping breakfast will not help to your weight lose journey. Expert says if you skip breakfast you feel hungrier in whole day. Due to feeling of hunger it’s a chance to take unhealthy food, snack.

So expert says that you should take a healthier breakfast which contains more fiber. Like oats, fruit, juice, peanut butter etc.


2 , Eat Regular Food :

Health and fitness experts say that eating food at a regular time intervals helps to burn more calories. Burning more calories is a first step to lose weight. If you don’t take food at a regular time your body will demand foods and it’s a possibility that you will take snack, tea or any unhealthy food contain more fat and sugar.


3. Eat plenty of fruit and vegetable:

As we all know that all fruits and vegetable are low in calories and fat, but rich in fiber, minerals and vitamins. Taking a needed fiber, vitamins and minerals is a good step to take in your weight lose journey.

When you eat food take a good quantity of salad, eat salad first then take food. It will reduce your weight fast without feel hunger.


4. Get more active:

Active more result will burn more calories and vice versa. The main cause of gaining weight is less active and a busy life. In today’s life every human being is running after money. Due to this many people doing jobs, works and seating jobs.

So if you want a healthy life, if you want lose your weight you should change your day activity or adding at least 1-2 hour for your body. Try to get more and more active.


5. Drink plenty of water:

According to a research people confuse thrust with hunger. Due to this confusion they are taking food instead of taking one glass water. That cause increase body weight slowly. So experts says take at least 10 glass of water each day. And when you feel hunger, first take one glass of water. It will help to reduce or lose body weight.


6.  Eat high Fiber food:

Those foods containing high fiber or lots of fiber can help feeling you full, which is perfect for losing body fat result will lose weight. Mostly Fiber is found in food which is taking from plants.

Fruits and vegetable are good source of fiber. Some more foods like oats, brown rice, wholegrain bread, pasta, peas, beans etc.


7. Read food labels:

At present time mostly people taking packing food, snacks, drinks etc. Health and fitness experts say that when you are going to take this type of food, first read the food labels like calories, fat, sugar, fiber. Allow those foods which are high in fiber and low in sugar, fat & calories.


8.  Use smaller plate:

Our mind tells us that we are hungry. Take smaller plate and eat slowly when to start eating food. Taking a small plate, bowl and eating slowly will reduce your body weight. Because stomach takes approx 20 minute to indicate brain that it’s full. So eat slowly take your enough time to consume your food.


9. Don’t Ban food:

Don’t ban your favorite food. If you want lose your weight you should know your daily calories requirement. Food is not causing weight gain its calories on which depends your weight. If you consume more calories than your requirements then your body will generate more fat and will cause weight gain. So know about calories of your food and adjust it according your calories requirements.


10.  Cut down alcohol:

A small glass of alcohol contains calories as a chocolate. Taking too much alcohol on regular basis cause a weight gain. So avoid alcohol as much as you can.


11. Plan your meals:

If you want to lose your weight you should plan your meals according to your daily calories requirements. You should prefer high fiber food.



Important Points:

1.       Know about per day calories requirements according to your weight.

2.       Know about food ( how much calories contains )

3.       Note down each and every thing which you are eating, calculate calories and don’t take more calories than your requirements.

4.       Get more active,


How to lose weight fast- How to lose weight -how to reduce bally fat-diet plan for weight lose-yoga for weight lose














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