'Ram' was made in Ramanand Sagar's Ramayana, this connection is with UP,

Arun Govil

Tv News In Hindi : Arun Govil Aka Ram Of Ramanand Sagar's Ramayan ...

Ramanand Sagar-produced 'Ramayana' has started airing again. Since then, the curiosity of everyone to know about each of its characters grew. The Ramayana of the 90s is still very much liked today. During the lockdown, the Ramayana was re-telecasted, which once again brought Doordarshan's TRP to the top. At the same time, his fans are very keen to know about actor Arun Govil who plays Lord 'Ram' in this television serial. In such a situation, today you will tell some special things related to Arun Govil's family and his personal life.

Arun Govil Did Not Get Work In The Industry After Became Ram ...

Arun Govil was born on 12 January 1952 in an Agarwal family of Meerut. Arun's father's name was Mr. Chandraprakash Govil. His father was a government officer. Arun's mother's name was Sharda Devi. Sharda Devi was a housewife. Arun Govil had five brothers and two sisters. There was a lot of love between all the siblings. Arun has completed his studies from Chaudhary Charan Singh College, Meerut. After this, he moved to Mumbai to make his career.

अरुण गोविल अगर 'टीवी के राम' नहीं ...

Arun stayed with his elder brother Vijay Govil for a long time in Mumbai. Here Arun had time to make his career. Arun had two ways: The first way was to help his brother's business, which was a very simple and simple way. The other way was to move forward in the field of art like his sister-in-law Tabassum, which was a slightly difficult path. But Arun chose another route here. Let me tell you that Arun Govil's sister-in-law Tabassum is a well-known name in the film industry. Tabassum has contributed to Bollywood for years. However, Arun's fans did not know that he and Tabassum have such a deep relationship.

After coming to Mumbai, Arun did his first film 'Paheli' in 1977. Although Arun had a side role in this film. But in the next film 'Sawan Ko Aane Do', he got the lead role and Arun's career started moving from here. While in the film industry, Arun fell in love with Sreelekha and the two got married in 1979. Arun's wife Sreelekha also belonged to the world of acting. Before marriage, Sreelekha has also worked in many films. By the way, she was a theater artist.

Arun had two children after his marriage to Sreelekha. Daughter Sonika Govil and son Amal Govil. Arun Govil has now become not only father but also grandfather. The daughter-in-law of Arun Govil is Divya. Arun's son Amal also has two children. Son Aryavir and daughter Aryana. Arun Govil leads a happy life with his family. A picture with Arun's family during the telecast of the Ramayana also went viral. In which his whole family was sitting together watching the Ramayana.


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