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Friends, our topic today is how to take home loan

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In today's time, it is not so easy to do any work. If inflation, expenses and income are not mixed now, then later you would have saved so much money or savings that you could do something big, now you have to buy a house, then the car remains on its own and day by day Age gets out, children are giving, your income remains the same and expenses keep increasing day by day, now anyone can do it or do it.

In such a situation, if you want to buy a house, there is no way other than a loan.

Now taking a loan is not so easy and it is not difficult for those who know

So friends, in this post today, we will tell you how you can get any bank or private institution

Which we also call NBFC,

Friends, first thing comes what do you do because the interest rate of home loan is different for every person.

Friends, if you do a government job and you want to buy a house in an approved colony, then there is no problem, you will get a loan according to your eligibility immediately, how will your eligibility turn out, the bank will also tell you

Now this thing has happened to the government employees, who are ready to give any loan, also at very low interest rates.

Now let's talk about home loans for private job seekers, friends do not give loans to private jobs to government banks so much and especially when your job is better, if your salary comes to 20 thousand then government banks will give you a lot Will bother you and in the end you may not be given a loan or for some reason your application may be rejected.
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Now there is an option left in this by private companies, that is, NBFC will make it your job as these rules are less as compared to government banks and there is a target of every month loan on the employees here which they have to fulfill and For which they help you in such a way as if they are taking the loan themselves, it is much easier to get a loan from NBFC than a government bank.

Now it comes to those people who do private job and they get salary cash then it is very difficult for them to take loan, government banks do not give loan to such people, most of the NBFC also does not loan to such people.

Now it comes to the people doing business, they can do any work of anyone, whether it is a grocery store (KIRYANA STORE) or any other work, NBFC gives loan to everyone, which also makes eligibility

Now let's talk about what documents you need to take a loan (DOCUMENTS)

Home loan transfer: pros and cons

Keep in mind that you need at least two people to take a home loan,

Normally, whose income we take and in whose name we have applied loan is called applicant and whoever comes along in another loan is called CO-APPLICANT,

CO-Applicant can be anyone in your house, like husband, wife, brother, mother, or your father

If you are salaried, that is, you do some job and your salary comes in your account.


Salary Slip of last three months

Bank statement of the last 6 months in which your salary comes, (UPDATED BANK STATEMENT)

Your joining letter

Aadhar Card


2 photos

1 processing fee check

Documents of co-applicant

Aadhar Card

PAN card, Form 60

2 photos

Apart from this, if you buy a finished house, then you have to give a photo copy of its papers to the bank or NBFC (private company).

If you do some work and you have ITR, bank details, old bill and your complete record then

For applicant

Aadhar Card

Pan Card

GST Number

Firm stamp

Firm's bank account


2 photos

1 Check for processing fees

Last one year bank statement


Aadhar Card

Pan Card

2 photos

IHLL - A Home Loan Company

Apart from this, if you do not have GST NUMBER, or any kind of registration, and you do not even have a bank account, then NBFC still gives you a loan, only the condition is that your work is good, for this one in NBFC There is a kind of policy which is called SUVIDHA PROGRAME, inside it you get a loan, but it has a higher interest rate and this loan is for a maximum of 15 years,

Now tell you how your eligibility turns out, so that you or the bank will know how much loan you will get.

If your work is MONTHLY INCOME, 50000 then 50% of the income will be taken as normal, you can install it

For example, if your monthly income is Rs 30000 and you need a loan for 20 years, then whatever your interest rate is

30000/2 = 15000

 For this, there is an app by the name of EMI calculator in your mobile's GOOGLE PLAY STORE, you can find it by downloading it, your kitna loan will be

This way you can check eligibility of anyone

If your income is more than 50000, instead of 50%, the bank or NBFC (private company) believes that you can withdraw 60% of your income for your installment.

For example, if your MONTHLY INCOME is 60000, then

60000 * 60/100 = 36000

So friends, this was complete information about home loan, if you have any question, you can ask in the comment box.


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