Know the best benefits of healthy blue tea, which keeps you healthy , जानिए हेल्दी नीली चाय के बेहतरीन लाभ, जो आपको रखे तंदुरुस्त

Know the best benefits of healthy blue tea, which keeps you healthy

You know about green tea and black tea, and must have consumed them too, but have you ever drunk blue tea? If you do not drink, then definitely try once, because this blue tea is very beneficial for health and beauty.

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Now you must be wondering how this tea is blue, then let us tell you that this tea is made by boiling the beautiful blue flowers of Aparajita, so its color is blue. It is also called Butterfly Tea. Learn the method of making it and the benefits of 5 wonderful

Method - To make this tea, you need blue flowers of Aparajita, water and salt, sugar or lemon according to taste. First boil water and put Aparajita flowers in it. When its color becomes blue, add salt or sugar and add a few drops of lemon and sieve. Now it is ready to drink. Now know its benefits -

Blue Butterfly Pea Flower aka Clitoria Ternatea | The Sipping Cottage

1 Detox Tea

By removing unwanted elements from your body, this tea detoxes the body and cleanses the body internally.

2 Immunity Booster -

It acts as an excellent immunity booster and protects you from diseases by increasing immunity.

3 Diabetes - 

This blue tea is very beneficial for patients with diabetes. It is very helpful in maintaining the level of sugar.

4 Beauty Benefits -

 If you want to enhance beauty, blue tea is a great option. It helps in improving the complexion by erasing facial spots, spots and freckles.

5 Migraine - 

Consumption of this tea in the morning can prove beneficial for migraine patients. Apart from pain, it also removes mental fatigue.

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